Oct 222021

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Hi to all,

Bob here, nearly 63 years old, hi to all, I own a couple of properties in WV but looking for a couple of remote acres with a good situation and lots of trees, Im sure to get something by mid Spring. Im particularly looking in Western and Southern West Virginia at the moment.  Id term myself mostly an organic gardener and into self sufficiency, I’m no hermit really, I love (select) people, but am not up for anybody’s politics or religion, just not into it. I AM looking for allies, friendlies, people who like to barter and trade. I currently have about 40 muscadine grape vines, 80 mulberries, 50 apricots and assorted other fruit trees ready to go onto my next property and I plan to make it home—add some rabbits, ducks and chickens, it portends to be a great little mini farm.  Wanna be my neighbor neighbor?  You might like knowing somebody with a couple acres of orchard for a buddy.  Not really a militarist but I am familiar with things like C E T M E S and old school 1911s, I like steel not plastic.  Im Peace loving and a real sweetheart but no pushover.  Former DOD. Would love to know individuals of good character, couples or even a young family with growing kids who might like to come out to “the farm” and get their eggs and vegies. I need too. I have advancing arthritis, still can do a good days work, but its not fun going it alone and I could use a little help here and there, particularly automotive advice and occasionally somebody to babysit my homestead so I can go on vacation once in awhile. Hit me up. Thanks for reading. Best of luck with your project and be safe. Bob

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  1. Hello there. Too bad you are so far away otherwise we could do some barter. I have been a mechanic most of my life and have the tools and equipment to fix cars,trucks, 4 wheelers and generators. I would have to pass on the apricots and other good fruit trees, here we are lucky to grow some very hardy short season apples. The short season hard winter type squash grow like weeds tho. Take care, Bill in montana.

  2. Hi Bob. Good to hear you. Sorry I don’t live in WV. I live in Fredericksburg Va.

  3. Hi Bob, Just came across your message… interested in connecting and in your products if you are not too too far from NoVA.. I hope you have found what you were looking for. Jo

  4. Hey Bob, I will be 60 this July, looking to retire at 62, looking at some spots to buy in WV. Can’t physically do what I could a couple of years ago but can still put some steel on target. Sounds like you got a sweet spot there. Maybe we can connect if I can get some land in WV. Good luck

  5. greetings from central nc bob . can i send you an email @?????

  6. Hey bob,
    Im in a similar situation and looking for a similar situation and would love to start a community of preppers. I have been prepping for years and now I feel pulled to start something bigger, a coalition if you will of like minded people who are willing to put in the work.

    Im looking to sell some properties in Central Florida and relocate to a better area with as many acres as I can get but I’ll definitely need help.

    [email protected]

    Message me if your interested in discussing it further

  7. Hello Bob: My wife & I are new to prepping. We live in Baltimore. Are you still interested in meeting people? Email me if you are. [email protected]