Sep 122021

Hello everyone! New member here in commifornia. A little about me; 29, married 2 kids. My kids are my everything and I want to do my absolute best at protecting them. I am very aware of the current situation we are all in and there is so much cognitive dissonance occuring. I want to pack up and go to another state everyday. We have a trailer, but no savings. My husband’s job has us stuck here. But the second the vaccine mandate goes into full affect, we are trying to bug out. My family can contribute; canning skills, cooking, hunting, fishing, wood working, welding, gardening, ect. I would like to build relationships with like minded individuals in the area, or even out of state, and have a mutually beneficial understanding of survival. I want to contribute to a self sustaining society.

SOS from California.

Things are getting bad really fast.

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  1. greetings, we are group, folk from fairfield, tracy, livermore, patterson, mt. house, we have meet ups but last year has been slow with covid and fires, some of us had big fire losses south of livermore in 2021,, feel free to contact me and we will talk, sounds like you have some good skills and some of our group have young children, , hope to hear soon, best

  2. Hello from mask free montana (for now). My wife and I first moved to montana in a 23 ft old trailer. Get someplace safe before they come for your kids. the number of injuries to kids is rising fast from the jab.
    We are looking for people with a strong will to survive and thrive and a strong work ethic. We are not talking about what we are going to do but we are talking about where we are, what we have already done and the need for more socially adaptable, hard working people willing to withstand hardship and work under others that know things. Let’s chat more on protonmail it is easy to set up and marginally better than gmail. [email protected]

    • A little far away but perhaps we can help each other.


  3. Hi MamaBear in Brentwood, I’m MamaLion in Dublin, CA. I’m a 54 year old female with two high school boys (and a big dog) who also feels the need to book it out of this state soon. None of us are vaccinated and I want to get my boys to a red state before the highways are blocked with checkpoints. I have an extremely difficult issue, however. My husband wants to vaccinate our boys and is angry with me for being a “crazy conspiracy theorist” who believes the NWO exists. I have blocked him thus far, but if California madates vaccines for everyone over the age of twelve my husband will be all for it. I have been waiting in the hope that the election would be overturned or the vaccines would be halted, but it is now cutting it too close to the wire. I have a bunch of preps and silver to exchange for cash. Maybe we could keep an eye on the political climate and make a plan of escape together when we think it’s time to run? I would prefer to head to the Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks, but would consider other places as well. Soon there may not be enough gasoline available to get us all the way to the Ozarks. Please don’t feel pressured to join forces if my situation makes you uncomfortable. Here is my email if you are interested in discussing this further: [email protected]

  4. to mamabear and mamalion, this is from the livermore group that answered ,,, feel free to reply us at ORDNANCEDESIGNCOMPANY @ gmail. com we were just at tractor supply in bryon and were wondering if you wouild reply, be safe

  5. Just checking in to see how things are going. it’s looking like things are going to get wacky….time to be someplace safer.

  6. I’m still trying to find a way out of here. My husband can be controlling and refuses to move. My side of the family thinks I’m crazy for refusing to vaccinate my kids so they would side with him if I tried to cross state lines. I was hoping I could pay cash for a used vehicle so he couldn’t trace my license plate, but I would end up being tracked down when the seller transferred the title/registration. It’s too bad there’s not a modern day underground railroad. I don’t want to leave behind my preps or our dog (it would break my son’s heart on top of leaving his dad and home) so I need a van, a truck, or a small trailer to pull behind someone else’s vehicle. I’m not giving up yet, not by a long shot.

    • Hey MamaLion,

      New to this group. I’m sorry to hear you’re both not on the same page. For the most part, my wife and I are. I’m just a little more ready to leave CA than she is (born and raised here). She works for a 100+ employee company though, and may be faced with a tough choice soon, so that may change.

      I don’t know if we can be of any help. But we’re not too far away – live in Concord.

      • Hi tuffguy59, thank you for writing. My plan is to leave EXTREMELY soon. I’m buying last minute items and packing even as we speak. Highway checkpoints between states could be implemented at any time now. Flu season will provide the perfect excuse to do it. Biden had already mentioned it back in August so I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened yet. I read today that checkpoints have been set up in British Columbia and people are ticketed if they turn their cars around to avoid them. If we wait any longer we won’t be able to leave California without proof of vaccination.

        Everyone in the US will soon be mandated to take the jab now that military personnel and police officers who respect the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights are being weeded out. Those who remiain will have proven they are willing to follow orders no questions asked. It will be easier for the government to locate unvaccinated citizens if they stay in their current locations, hence the coming checkpoints at state lines. If you and your wife wish to escape you should do it now. Winter is coming and travel will become more difficult, maybe even impossible, with the gas shortages that will continue to get worse. Fuel for truckers in parts of Nevada and California is already being rationed. Perhaps your wife should tell her boss that she’s taking a leave of absence immediately to care for an elderly relative out of state with alzheimers. If things improve she could always move back. If things don’t improve she will have made the right decision in leaving when she did.

        Do you have a place to escape to? I have a place to go, but getting there will not be easy. Feel free to email me: [email protected]

  7. [email protected]
    Contact me if you’d like.
    Winnetka CA