Sep 262017

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Hi All!

We are blessed to live on our North East Texas 50+ acre homestead full-time, to spend every day molding and shaping it’s potential into reality. We are long time preppers, and as a family, we have decided that we would like to offer the opportunity for certain folks to become a part of our community.

We have discussed a few potential options for folks (BOL versus full-time community), and welcome discussion as everyone is at a different place in their life. In addition, we offer the opportunity to build camaraderie, to develop and enhance our sustainability skill-set…to become a community BEFORE an event. This won’t be for everyone – It will require background checks, initial public meetings, time and financial commitments, (not those 10k buy-in things, but if you want to put a building here, etc.)

Mister is a former Marine, law enforcement officer and firearms instructor with 25+yrs of experience. Missus is an IT Professional by day, and homestead supermom by night. College freshman and fifth grader are cheerful farm hands. Extended family includes Army Ranger and Trauma Nurse. Dogs, barn kitty, chickens, ducks…there are always animals! We are a typical Christian family (not a militia) that loves to laugh, hike, watch movies, etc. We work very hard, and we try to play just as hard! We also work to ensure our family and our farm are prepared for any eventuality. You can email us via info [at] txexitstrategy [dot] com or visit that site for more info.

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  1. I read your post, and thought I would inquire as to location. My family and I are in Tyler, trying to decide if NE Tx would be the place to set roots or not. I grew up up in WF, Tx so i know what to expect for heat, my wife on the other hand grew up in the mountains of Mt. At this point we are looking for a like minded community or village. Both of us are prepper mindset. I am a welder by trade. My skills are blacksmithing, welding, gardening, leather working, hide tanning. I hunt, fish, trap, camp, anything out doors. I grew up on a ranch in West Tx, so I have animal husbandry experience. Have broke and trained horses, built houses, and pretty much what ever it took to keep the lights on over the years. I have a family, with children still yet to raise. My wife also has skills in preserving, herbs, forestry, obviously child rearing, home schooling, and many others. We are looking for like minded people. We believe in God