Nov 052016

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Hey my name is Tom and my wife and I live in Lewisville just outside of Winston-Salem. I have been prepping for many years and have what I think to be all of the basics.

I have food stores I have unlimited water with a deep well and a hand pump, I have a pond, chickens and I’m beginning to raise rabbits. I live in a rural area and have a sufficient garden each year and I am putting solar panels up to be able to run a refrigerator freezer in case of a loss of power. I’ve got a wood-burning stove with a lot of oak trees and cords cords of wood ready to go.The blower will also be on solar. I only have 3 acres and it’s just my wife and I.

My problem is I have some concerns on how to defend it myself should SHTF. If you’re interested in contributing to the homestead, email me and perhaps we can discuss options. winstom1 at aol dot com

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  1. welcome & I wish you all the very Best. I’m NOT in the tar heel state, in VA. near Appomattox,, very few prep around here to many sheep.
    take care. Time is Near. I’m kinda ready.

  2. We should meet first in person. In Western NC.

  3. sent you a pm.

  4. Tom,

    You still there? Still looking to connect?

    You can call me Jay, I live in Charlotte, NC (1.5hrs from you) and just started the whole prepping thing a month ago (I am a newbie!). However, I am moving quick in my progression.

    In the event of an emergency I have working in my favor, supplies, some weapons, a group of 6 strong (my family) including five 4 men (3 under 40yrs old) who are healthy and able.

    We are working on taking classes for off grid survival knowledge as well. Most importantly we are a happy, healthy bunch who love each other and that packs a punch in the time of challenge.

    What we don’t have is land. We are new to the area (2+ yrs here from Connecticut). If you feel we can create a larger community for you and your wife, we should totally schedule a visit to your place.

    Contact me for more info by leaving a message or text at the following number:
    (8two8) 61nine-019four.

    Can’t wait!
    November 29th 2016