Dec 102016

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Gathering Like minded Preppers Within the Modesto Area To coordinate with SHTF type situations.

Please send me a little bit of info before we proceed forward.

  1. first name, age, gender,
  2. fitness level, and any health limitations
  3. Any Special skills You have to offer
  4. Contact info
  5. Were you live

We Are a Group of people Just Brainstorming Ideas We can do As a team. Were Survivalist. We Will Give out more information in person. Please private message me whats above^^

  3 Responses to “Building Local Preppers Group Modesto And Around”

  1. Janos
    49 years old
    Krav Maga and Spetznaz student want to become certified instructor 29 years martial arts to keep in shape Karate kick boxing.
    Home street mechanic, urban survival skills, and SURVIVILIST.
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    Montreal, Quebec
    Private free phone:438-448-7360

  2. Ryan 25 years of age from Malibu, CA.
    Extremely athletic and an all around out of the box thinker as well!
    [email protected]
    Thanks! 🙏🏻

  3. My extended family is located around the Turlock, Merced, Mariposa areas. Looking for possibilities of joining resources, numbers with right minded people. Too soon for personal info, but would like to correspond further if you’re interested.