Oct 252020

I’ve been waking up to the reality of our current situation for several months now. I am convinced that it’s going to be tough to go it completely alone. I am looking for either a  group or a few families who want to invest in a property. We have three of us and we are all sharpening our training and skills. We hope to find someone with advanced carpentry, mechanical, survival, and EMT skills. Please message me if interested we are open to a rural relocation.

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  1. Hi there, good on you for sharpening your skills and looking for a better place. You might narrow it down a bit while still not giving away any pertinent info. Are you a family unit with youngsters? are you looking for someplace in california or are you open to other areas? If you haven’t already join the forum attached to this site and read a bit there.
    It is possible to get out of a unsuitable place and get to someplace better, we moved to montana and haven’t looked back.

  2. HI im from cali i left cali last year because i had a feeling something bad would happen so im in texas now im a prepper , welder and fashion designer i do have some martial art skills and im looking for land i also look for other preppers to connect with

  3. Location?

  4. I have a small ranch in eastern Wyoming (Black Hills area) if you’re still looking for somewhere to land.
    God Bless, KDC