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Thinking about restarting some prepper/home preparedness meetups. They would take place once a month or so and last as long as people wanted it to. Typically about 2 hours and class depending 4 hours. I would like to see one or two over nights during the summer to work on bug outs and bushcraft skills.

Classes could consist of homesteading, medical, basic tactical and some law enforcement skills.

Anybody interested PM me a message.


What my plan is, is to network with individuals. Get to know each other and build a rapport and friendship.  Start conducting some training classes etc.  As of right now I plan on bugging in.  But that could change depending on other group members’ locations.  Meaning, if other group members have a better location to bug out to and are willing to allow their location to be the designated BOL area.

I’m 47, married with 3 children. We are Christian.  I spent 16 years in the Army and Michigan Army National Guard.  I worked 4 years as a correction officer and emergency response team member at a prison. Besides tactics, I worked as a Medical Specialist (medic).   We live in a rural area

I figure that group members could pool their assets to make a retreat a better location. (Some items may be prepositioned.)  What belongs to you, belongs to you.  What is mine, stays mine.  Granted there is going to be some items that are pooled from all members like the group first aid kit or items used for training.  That way if a member quits or is dismissed, there is no arguing about what belongs to you.  I think that written agreements should be implemented so there is no confusion later.

I think that one of the main priorities should be a year +/- worth of food for each member. All of this will take some time, some longer than others.  Since this is new, everything is subject to change.

I am looking for a doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse, military to form a mutual assistance group for an emergency situation.  If you are proficient at gardening, canning meat and produce you will be an asset.  If you do not necessarily have any skills but have money for supplies you will be an asset.  There is safety in numbers.  So how about you, what is your background?

Everyone must work towards the goal of one year of food in storage. Group members must chip in to purchase supplies that will be used by the group.  Group members must be willing to attend training such as firearms marksmanship, first aid, survival skills etc.  Everyone coming on board must be very dedicated, focused, self driven, be able to give their word and keep their word. Communication Security (COMSEC) is a must.  Everyone’s identity and personal information will be kept confidential.

I believe the group should make decisions together (committee). No dictatorship.  I think there should be a figurehead for daily operation decision making but answer to the group committee.

I am looking for people from the immediate Cadillac area. Preferably medically or militarily trained. All around handy man & gardening personnel also wanted.

If this interests you then send an email to materielgeneral [at] yahoo [dot] com and tell me a little about yourself and what you can contribute to the group.

Thank You


Our next meeting date is July 15, 2pm at the meeting room at Big Boy Restaurant.

The first hour we will have a home defense class on pat down/frisk and handcuffing an intruder and if time allows some basic home defense techniques for firearms.

2nd hour we will start having first aid classes.

Next month will be a camp out and we will tryout bushcraft skills and other classes.

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  1. I have had a few replies but they were out of area. Preferably no further than 10 miles from Cadillac. I am looking for people from the immediate Cadillac area so there is no search and recovery. Preferably medically trained or militarily trained. Other experiences such as all around handy man or gardening type personal are also wanted.

    FYI, I will have extended family. They will pull their weight or else.

  2. I’m curious about something. I am a beginner in many senses of prepping. I have been very aware since I was young but only started recently actually doing what I needed to do. One thing I wonder about is should prepped communities stay in contact even if they are far away from each other? My meaning is this. You are way far north of me but I feel like Michigander peppers should stay in contact in case of an emergency with one of them happens. Do you think in a major SHTF event that this would be too hard to do?

    • Gingersnap1,
      With long range communications there are many factors to consider. By staying in contact with each other I assume you mean Ham radio. I do not have a ham license and have no intentions to get one. I have zero desire to talk across the country or world to see how Joe is doing during modern times. If SHTF then no license is needed but depending on the situation do you really want to talk? If it is a military action you can be traced quickly. After SHTF people will talk if there is electricity to run the equipment. Some of that may result in intel but probably most info will not affect you or your group.

      In the end if you have the money for some of the high dollar Ham radios and you want to talk then do it. If you make friends on Prepper Groups or other prepper forums you will have a lot of prepper Ham friends to talk to.

      • I get that and no definitely don’t have the money for ham radio I honestly was thinking a little more old school like how our ancestors traveled days and weeks just to deliver mail or to trade goods. I know that to us the. Incest is insane because we have gotten so used to fast transportation and stuff being right there on hand but there is the possibility that in the future in a major event we’d have to try and build a network possibly of trading between groups. Granted it would be dangerous just like it was back in the day but I think to try and rebuild after a disaster it would be necessary. I’m honestly not interested in anything outside of our state even though I’d miss oranges and bananas. I just think that Michiganders are going to end up dealing with thousands of people flooding here and I wonder how we would deal with that. I think Michiganders would need to ban together personally. No need for chitchat over a ham radio but find away to make sure we are OK.

        • Sorry in my delay in responding.
          I can see what your saying now. I think trading/trade route is possible post SHTF but not during it. But even post SHTF you would still need security.

          I have CB and GMRS radios for my plans right now. Doing patrols searching for threats and checking on allied neighbors

          Why would you say that thousands would flood here? I think the opposite. Once winter hits I think a lot of people would head South for warmer weather. Most people do not have wood heat and would quickly start freezing.

          What area are you from?

  3. hi I’m trapper chuck.
    never posted before now. I’m in the northern lower michigan. not far from the big mac. I am interested getting in contact with any other prepper any ware. if something major happens. no one group can be prepared for everything. have your local group. but having a larger network which reaches out from ocean to ocean and ice pack to south of the boarder with someone that can talk in spanish, and someone else in french or others will only raise your chances. lets pass crafty notes and prepare for the worst and hope for the best .

  4. Hello there,

    I am interested in the next meet, greet and training. Let me know when and where.

  5. Hey bud hope your group is growing. I like your plan. Looking for a group of like minded. Coming off last deployment in a few months and retiring. Relocating to outskirts of cadillac. Mos 19 series. Son combat medic. Wife pain management nurse. Talk details off line. If you got your group up and running or still trying. Good luck my friend.

  6. Jake1 made a point that it had been a while that I commented on this posting. So if you still see this I am stilled interested in hearing from prospects.