Apr 032020

In the inland Empire  looking for like minded, clock is now ticking to bug out, but have no location, need to meet, talk or figure a way of helping each other before shtf…..

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  1. i am in the inland empire and looking for the same ; i have found an off grid location and have just started set up camp , a little each day , but of coarse the more people the better (why they are focusing on the “social distancing” nonsense.).. im trying to not be all by myself out there tho … …

  2. Hi I am in the inland empire and looking to join a community. And slowly help build a solid group. I can bring a lot to the table and willing to learn. I am eager to help.
    My interests are veggie garden, chicken coop, fresh water, sustainability, And most important a positive living environment. Please contact me with any questions.

    • Hey frenchy724, I just emailed you and gypsy. I have many resources as well, and a lot of preparedness experience. More I learn, more I realize i don’t know. I am in South OC, but land in inland CA.

  3. I have 2.5 acres in Joshua Tree with a water meter…….not sure what that is good for.