Oct 152019

We’ve recruited on here in the past and met some great people but it hasn’t worked out for a variety of reasons.

I’m interested in two things:

  1. Meeting representatives of other functional groups around Colorado.  I’d love to setup some semi-regular coffee talks to compare notes and get to know each other.  Regardless of what part of the state you’re in, there’s a good chance I could refer people to you, but I have to first know what kind of people you’re looking for.  A basic radio network would be useful as well.  Coffee is good, networking is almost as good.
  2. Meeting people interested in joining our group specifically – one that actually works together (shooting, ham radio, hiking…).  If you want to learn more about becoming a member of our group, we require a willingness to learn basic security techniques with us, our way (or even better, if you have a lot of experience with this, to TEACH us), basic security equipment, 6 months of food storage, and various other odds-and-ins as we’ve laid them out.  Email me at johnhartnj at outlook dot com for more info.  If you feel like you have no skills whatsoever, which I’m sure isn’t true, but you can afford your own gear and you honestly want to learn and have fun, we’ll take care of you.  We do have some pistol/rifle/physical fitness qualification standards and we’re here to help you pass them… but you also have to want it.  The standards aren’t difficult unless you have no experience at all or have extreme physical limitations.

I’m not anti-government, we aren’t a militia, and I have little interest in yet another meeting about bug-out bags.  But we do need to take this seriously.  We meet regularly and our on-boarding process is fairly lengthy.  Our location is south of the greater Denver metro area, off the beaten path; the details are private but we offer some/many advantages to staying in the city.  We aren’t a commune, we aren’t selling chunks of our land, and your stuff will forever be your stuff.

My wife tells me that trying to recruit good people from the internet is futile and maybe she’s right.  But here I am.  You have to want to assimilate into the clan and that means building frith and kinship; without that, there is no group.  Best of luck to you all, and I sincerely hope all of you can find a good group to join or have success starting your own.  And I hope none of us ever needs to actually use anything relevant to any of this.

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  1. Honest question: what is the point of a group, really? When you get together after an event, then what?

    I can grow tomatoes by myself. I can tend goats or collect eggs by myself. I can pull security, for a short time, by myself. I can chop and haul firewood by myself. I can provide aid to the neighbors by myself. I can maintain radio contact with the outside world by myself. But I can’t possibly do two of those things, let alone all of them, without a group.

    I contend that security is the most critical group task for any group, especially in the short term. Those are skills reasonably easily acquired now, at least to a basic functional level, and they allow you the ability to rotate sleep schedules and work schedules so you have the ability to get some of the 9,426 things done that every group must get done.

    We’re all going to end up in a group. The only question is whether it’ll be one we create and build now when we have the luxury of choosing and getting to know our teammates, or whether it’ll be one consisting of people we happen to be geographically next to at the time. I hope you’ll consider joining us.

  2. Robot Soldier Video

    Ok, yes, the video is fake and it made me laugh.

  3. Hi John,
    Just got on this site and am a beginning prepper. Located just north of County Line Road in Centennial. I want to reach out to active preppers and learn what others are doing to prep for WTSHTF so I don’t go off on a wrong tangent and waste time and resources regarding my own prep. I’m a retired Architect and current artist. I’ve been reading all the books that I can find about prepping/survival/what’s possibly going to happen. My goal is to converse and correspond with those who are taking seriously the potential for collapse of our fragile society. Please let me know if we can talk.


    Sir Vivore