Oct 052021

We are a couple on Camano Island. Prepping for a few years now. We’re not extreme in any one direction and not prepping for a full TEOTWAWKI situation. Prepping for a likely SHTF situation – pandemic surge, earthquake, job loss, economic shortages, etc. Investing in food storage using a dehydrator and a freeze dryer so we can also actually use the food now in every day life too, backup water for a few months, and a few small items for trade if needed. No guns or bullets – we won’t take a life to protect anything. It’s cool if you do though, we respect anyone’s legal right to this but we just personally choose not to take part in prepping weapons. Interested in a Facebook or neighborhood group to share ideas and plans.

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  1. Hello,
    I am in Marysville. I am fairly new to prepping but have made a big push in the past 3 months and feeling really good about it….. I am looking for ideas, and people nearby so I can exchange goods if ever needed
    Please email me at [email protected]