Jan 212022

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Family oriented God fearing! Looking for a small like minded group/family to prepare with. We have our supplies but are looking for others that we can trust, help and learn from! Not just gardening,canning and homesteading (although those are key) but getting together camping, fishing and so on. If this sounds like what you are looking for too please comment and we can go from there!

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  1. Hello, I am in North Alabama and having a hard time finding people who are interested in the future. I already can, store, garden, but live in a “subdivision” .(no animals). I am interested in a contact group for accurate, real time information in a SHTF situation. I would like to talk. to see if our views are similar. Thanks!!

  2. We have a PrepSteader group in Al Mil.

  3. Hi, are you still interested in starting a support group? If so please contact me. Im from central AL as well
    [email protected]