Apr 052017

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If you live in or around Ward County in North Dakota, please contact me.  I’m interested in getting a pepper group together.  We’ll be starting from scratch, but have a lot of information to share and get started with.  Please contact if interested.

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  1. Would you be willing to travel? I have been forming a group of people together and have been lucky to find some awesome members. We are all spread out a bit over Minnesota.
    Let me know what you think.
    [email protected]

    • Hello preppedmama16. Just now – 8 months later – saw your post. I’m 5 hours from Minnesota, so probably won’t work for me. Best of luck to your group.

  2. im interested. im in ward county also. sky_strat at hotmail

    • Hey sky_strat. I’m in Minot also. What’s your situation? My husband and I are just getting started, so we’re doing a lot of reading and studying. Have you been prepping a long time? We have unique skills that would help form a strong core of us. What about you? A little more information and perhaps we could talk. The main questions is, what are you wanting to see in a prepper group?

  3. Are any of you still looking to form a group in North Dakota ? One of the last things we are missing is a group . We are a family of 3 and have been prepping for years and we are located in central North Dakota. Thank you

  4. I am also looking for forming an alliance and share ideas with preppers in ND. I am located on a farm sw of minot

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