Apr 132017

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I am a 37 year old white male that is looking for a prepper/off-grid companion.  I am former military, having spent 4 years as a Combat Engineer, and 6 in Spec Ops.  I have been an avid outdoorsman and hunter/fisher my whole life.  I love primitive camping and using my skills to keep them sharp.  I have 2 advanced science degrees and a great job, but do not feel fulfilled.  I am wanting to get away from the major cities and population areas.  I, like most intelligent people, have become increasingly concerned with the state of things in this country and around the world.  I do not want to be part of the 99% when it all goes down.  I have taken solo adventures before and have had good experiences, but I know for the permanent/long-run I definitely want a companion.

I have looked at several places to essentially disappear into the wilderness, and have spent time in some of them (Carolinas, TN, WV).  I am open to the exact location where though; at this point finding the partner is the top priority, and we can decide on the where together.  I will say though that I am looking for a sooner rather than later deal.  Ideally I’d like to have a plot of land away from everything and everyone with abundant wildlife for food, year-round water, plenty of forested area.  Basically just have a prepping land to live on, off the grid, not tied down to anything or anyone so when the SHTF we’re not part of the chaos.

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  1. Please look at Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group. You can stay on our land with us or there other plots adjacent to us you can buy. But can you pay it off before SHTF (That’s Schumer hits the Fan !) ? Hope to hear from you. Our email addresses are on the ad in 2 places.

  2. I heard of Shofar Mountain in the Ozarks. Check them out on Viking Preparedness on youtube. They are a Christian group on 80 acres and have a similar type deal as the Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group. You can live on their land or buy something near by. They are an armed Christian community living off grid. I was thinking about visiting them this summer.

    I live in Central Florida near Lakeland between Tampa and Orlando. If you are going to try to stay in Florida for awhile maybe we could get together and do some training, talk about prepping, and bug out locations.

  3. Response to: Central FL Prepper:::: bunkerarchitect4u seems to have a good take or position versus the mostly – CHRISTIAN or RELIGIOUS BASED “groups/communities” so be careful following gurus/priests or goody-2-shoes types, they will become the most radical enforcers (and may be worse than your oppressors) when D-DAY comes.

    Being OTG and hiding out in the mountains (right now in the still decent/good times) is not necessary at all. Most communities are already well known to the NSA (et al) and placing the whole enchilada on a specific retreat/community based on geographic location does not give what most folks who seek protection / refuge anticipate.

    TO: bunkerarchitect4u – look for my personal email to your gee-mail addy.
    I have years of real life living in NC, VA, KY, FL “areas” both with militia and as stand alone with one partner.
    I am a Master Macguyverist multi-talented “realist” real-life OTG, NBC qualified, Sniper, former head of Rapid Deployment & Extraction Team.

    Know Appalachia – but then, to my enemy or those who will sell/rat out: any vacant land, any home/property is my property, your guns are my guns, your ammo is mine, your food is mine – once all bets are off :: SHTF / TEOTWAWKI / RED DAWN (pick any of these or any other acronym).
    Chat with you by phone after we do initial email contact.

  4. Have you found what you were looking for? I am a SWF, fit, no kids or pets. My gee mail is the same as my sn on here. You have 2 science degrees, are you familiar with solar cycles? Adapt 2030 on YT is a good place to start learning. Our climate is not static, it is cyclical.