Nov 292017

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Hey it was 61F degrees and it is almost December. Of course it could be below zero F any day also. We are in central/western montana with knowledge, stuff and a place to be that can be heated without electricity.

Well buckets. heirloom seeds, generators, solar power, herbal medicine, allopathic medicine,

Are you in the area or moving to the area? lets chat. Self reliant living is our path along with living and working in the present.

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  1. Hi Ryder,
    I,m south of you by about an hour. I’m having a hard time getting my husband on board with doing what we do, he never objects to all the food, guns, and ammo though. My mother and I are quite into this and are constantly working on improving what we have and do. Sadly, I don’t know anyone else personally that is a prepper. Would b interested in communicating as to see how others are going about it. I know there is strength in numbers…if one had to bug out, it would b good to know of someone like minded to join?

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