Jun 092016

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I have found about 26 acres that I think would make a great bug out location. I’m actively looking for 5-6 small family groups to band together and form a safe self-sustaining haven in case the worst does happen. Best case scenario….we have a great off grid spot to live or retire. If you’re interested or have any questions please let me know.

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  1. My family and I are looking for same. Contact me.

  2. Where are you located?

  3. I live in Edmond and have been prepping the last 3 years and currently looking at underground bunkers. Have you found any groups or anything yet? I’m looking for like minded people to form a group with. Let me know. Thank you.


  4. I come with everything needed to be a productive member of any group seeking to be self sufficient and prepared
    I have spent several years putting together a good food supply, tools, medical supplies, emergency gear and more.
    I have recently finished building my tiny home which will provide me with a safe place to live.
    Now I am looking for a group of good people who are serious about surviving the coming storm in whatever form it may take on.
    I also come with many skills which would be of benefit to any group.
    Carpentry, plumbing, concrete/rebar, roofing, farming crop/animal and more.
    I am open to most any location as long as the people are good.
    If you and your group are interested in bringing on one more let’s talk and see what happens.
    If you don’t have a group yet but want to start one, let’s talk.

    ps. I am also a hard core off the grid kind of guy who is semi skilled in living off the land in combat situations so I can also help teach others how to do what I do.
    I have a long history of alternative living so that comes in very handy.

    dancingwithpoi [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. We would be interested in knowing more. New to prepping middle aged family of 5. Financially secure with skills

  6. I live near Wanette.

  7. I live near Wanette.I think the optimum thing to do is for like minded preppers from urban areas to move to small rural communities with small populations where they can.use their votes to promote self sufficient communities.