Dec 252019

Hi Everyone, If 2019 was not enough, election year 2020 portends to be quite another raucous year.  Are y’all prepared for whatever comes our way.  Sending out a general notice to see if there’s interest in meeting.  Determine what we all or don’t have in common.  Stuff, yes.  Skills, that too.  And, oh ya, survival (is that too touchy of a subject?).  If so, maybe this is not for you.

Let’s kick the New Year off running.


Sincerely, Spurtwo.

  2 Responses to “Central Texas interest? (Austin, Waco, DFW, Dallas)”

  1. Hi Spurtwo, I would like to know more about your group and share more about my wife and myself with regard to what we can bring to a group. We are in Flower Mound, Texas
    JP, AKA Papa3

  2. Good Afternoon, 
    I came upon your posting and am interested in communicating with you. 
    I’m relocating to Texas for work and wanted to settle into the state within a community of like minded individuals.  I’ve been a prepper for many years and moved to the Ozarks in 2017.  I learned a lot from my fellow preppers and want to continue living this lifestyle. 
    If you still have an intention to grow your community, please let me know. 
    Thank you, Carrie