Jun 292016

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We are a Christian family looking to join in with like minded families to prep and plan and possibly set up things here on our land.. We have little over an acre.  Considering continuing setting up here and buying land in NC mountains to set up for living there when it all goes down.. If not before. We have been purchasing items needed for survival without electric. Would like to locate affordable solar panels, etc.. At an affordable cost. We have man power to get it done, along with knowledge, but financing all this is not going to be easy, as we are a large family. We have land.. But need a tractor to bush hog and clear it out so we can start growing food and set up live stock as well.  What ever we can fit on an acre. We have a private road with only one other family that lives on it, but we own the road ourselves. Almost 100 percent fenced in, 5 foot fence.  We have 5 children still at home, old enough and strong enough to help. We have 4 more that are grown with their own families that I’m certain will join us when they realize what’s happpening.. Maybe before.. Working on that! They are Hard working and strong minded.. 2 in security/law enforcement and 2 jack of all trades. We would love to have others that are into natural health. Nurses, Doctors, etc. but not required.  Young and elder ! Please message me on here your contact info and I will be intouch. Thank you

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  1. We have already bought 14 acres of land and have major infrastructure in northeastern Tennessee with more land to buy right next to us. You can get back to me at willswebservice at comcast dot net Look for Northeastern Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper group on this site.

  2. Have you checked out SouthernPrepper1 on You Tube? I believe he is in northern SC and maybe looking for more folks. Seems very organized and awake to the dangers at hand.

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