Sep 062020

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The proposed concept as follows:
The intention will be a 4 season, principal residence for all owners due to each being of a specific skill set required to support each other on a daily basis.
Registering a new Christian non-profit corporation to purchase a 100+ acreage, northwest of Peterborough, then selling the ½ acre lots in the form of “Life—Lease” ownership with a (odd number for voting purposes), small board of directors (partners) maintaining control and earn cash flow for the corporation from maintaining the common areas.
The Non-Profit Corporation that owns and manages this Christian community, will sell a limited number of ½ acre lots. The “Life-Lease” agreement is restricted to “Owner Occupancy Only” with a maximum of direct family “Owner Occupants” with permission of a maximum, 2 additional guests to live in the newly constructed home for a maximum of 10 consecutive days. Life-Lease lots/buildings cannot be rented or sub-let. Life-Lease lots/buildings cannot be mortgaged, and must remain debt free.
Life-Lease lots with completed homes can be re-sold anytime at current market value to new owners, once approved by the board of directors.
As a screening process of ownership, all directors and owners must be Christians, providing personal criminal record checks and personal credit reports for each adult occupant to share with the entire community for complete disclosure. Christians will not have a problem with this.
Acreages within Un-Organized townships in Ontario do not require any building permits.
This community strategy will limit the number of lots sold to 1 to each skilled owner (NO Exceptions):
 Organic farmer experienced and winterized green houses (to share skills with the community)
 Heavy equipment owner/operator to build and maintain roads/ snow plowing
 Journeyperson Carpenter with concrete form experience for foundations and home walls for fire protection (to share skills with the community)
 Journeyperson Electrician with solar panel and wind generator experience (to share skills with the community)
 Journeyperson Plumber with mechanical experience (to share skills with the community)
 Medical doctor with surgery experience
 Naturopathic doctor (to share skills with the community)
 Paramedic
 Big game hunter
 Butcher
 Fishing Expert (to share skills with the community)
 Fire arms instructor/trainer (to share skills with the community)
 Journeyperson Small engine mechanic
 Journeyperson Diesel mechanic
 Journeyperson Gasoline engine mechanic
 Journeyperson Welder carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum
 Seamstress (to share skills with the community)
 Survivalist Expert with extreme cold weather experience (to share skills with the community)
 Lawyer litigation/criminal experienced
 Accountant with bookkeeping experience
 Other skill sets may be added by voting directors, as required for the community to be fully self sustainable

  8 Responses to “Christian Off-Grid Village (Ontario – CANADA)”

  1. Do you have a group and location yet.I want to be involved in a project in central or north Ont.

  2. I am looking for 100 acres with some buildings.If I get something Ill let you know and you can check if it would work as a start.A believer friend is looking for a second suitable place.Great that you are organizing for so many to get on board.

  3. Hi Ken, I just found this site. I have 35 acres on unincorporated township near Powassan Ontario. I have been here 4 years now and ready to try and get more people. Huge ponds full of wildlife acres of bush and an artisian well flowing 24/7.

    • Hi Dot
      I just noticed this extra response.I tried to purchase a hunt camp near Powassan in feb but failed.Assume you are west of Powassan.Unincorporated is great.
      I could start building on Monday.Treat me fair and Ill bring my backhoe and clean out your ponds.

    • Hi Dorothy name is Charles, I hope you are well.. I know it’s been a while since you posted on this site.. Are you are still looking for others of like mind to join you?