Feb 112020

Hello, my name is Randy, and I am a sincere, Jesus-following Christian. I spent four years in the United States Marines Corps and was honorably discharged, and am also an Eagle Scout. With that said, I am one of those “insane preppers” which is not so insane. I am not only preparing basic supplies, but also have extensive knowledge on group protection techniques when anarchy hits. It is true that within a week or two of everything going down, that your neighbor will likely become your enemy as people literally, in some instances, will kill for your food (including gangs). I am looking for active participants in this group and allow for those who cannot care for themselves to come along with active participants. This will be like the early church in Acts, and all will be interviewed with God’s discernment to make sure we have no wolves in our group. All accepted individuals will be required to stock supplies for themselves and their families for at least two months. There will also be vital information relayed to the group for further supplies. I am not in this for a penny of profit, just for love of my sisters and brothers when we will rely solely on our Father in heaven. Do not expect the government to supply anything including police protection. Understand that we are being grossly lied to regarding the impending devastating effects of the Coronavirus effecting the economy, and all government operations eventually. The time to act is NOW!


  1. We’re considering Arizona. Are there other true believers who are looking at Arizona? Does anyone have any idea when martial law is going to be instituted or how soon something is going to happen? Trying to gauge how much time we have.

    • Hello, consider that a student tested positive for the coronavirus at Arizona State University in the Phoenix Valley around the same time that the first person identified in Washington State. I do not know how much you know about this coronavirus, yet its incubation period (spread by people with no symptoms) has been recorded at as much as 27 days, whereas the seasonal flu is around 5 days. Understand that if you believe the government, CDC, HHS United States Surgeon General, etc. are telling the truth, you are in grave danger. Up until now, the CDC has only tested about 1000 people in this entire country and are finally going all out. Think about that. It arrived here in January, and only 1000 tests? I am a prepper and fully understand the end times and this is it according to Jesus. First, Israel became a nation again in 1948 after being scatter for almost 2000 years. Second, in the end times, all disasters will happen at the same time (i.e. earthquakes, pestilences, drought, famine, volcanos, floods, plagues, financial disaster leading to taking the mark of the beast). I thoroughly carry out my research before I speak a word. I urge you to go straight to the store and stock up on water, canned goods, non-perishables, toilet paper, masks if you can find them, and disinfecting supplies. There are runs all over the country now in all stores, so I do not know what is left. If you find a store with supplies, stock up for months if you are able to afford it. I have been going to Walmart to stock up, and their canned goods etc. are priced very well. Also, consider Sam’s Club. I am prepared so I do not have to fight for food out there. Our food supply chains are demolished because businesses have become so streamlined in this global economy, that stores now only carry enough stock to last a few days. Consider that their are 10’s of thousands of cargo carriers halted in our open seas, while frozen food and meats from China sit inside freight trailers rotting. Also, stock up on your prescription medications because 80-90% of the raw materials for making prescription medications come from China and are stopped. We will need to treat our own families, so purchase an oxygen concentrator if you can find one, and educate yourself on home treatment. In Washington, the second person to die infected their whole family without even knowing it. The time is essentially almost gone to prepare, so do it today. May God, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, bless you and your family most abundantly including protection and provision.

  2. Where in AZ are you trying to setup a MAG? I am currently in SD about 3 hrs from YUMA. I have looked at land in AZ, but I want to find a place with no HOA, right of ways, restrictions… I am ok with raw land, but existing well and septic would be a plus. I too would like a community and agree with you on helping others, I may end up doing that in SD it just depends on how quickly things move south.