Feb 112020

Hello, my name is Randy, and I am a sincere, Jesus-following Christian. I spent four years in the United States Marines Corps and was honorably discharged, and am also an Eagle Scout. With that said, I am one of those “insane preppers” which is not so insane. I am not only preparing basic supplies, but also have extensive knowledge on group protection techniques when anarchy hits. It is true that within a week or two of everything going down, that your neighbor will likely become your enemy as people literally, in some instances, will kill for your food (including gangs). I am looking for active participants in this group and allow for those who cannot care for themselves to come along with active participants. This will be like the early church in Acts, and all will be interviewed with God’s discernment to make sure we have no wolves in our group. All accepted individuals will be required to stock supplies for themselves and their families for at least two months. There will also be vital information relayed to the group for further supplies. I am not in this for a penny of profit, just for love of my sisters and brothers when we will rely solely on our Father in heaven. Do not expect the government to supply anything including police protection. Understand that we are being grossly lied to regarding the impending devastating effects of the Coronavirus effecting the economy, and all government operations eventually. The time to act is NOW!


  1. wish you had been in az when we were looking at az
    now in wv 183 acres of lush trees
    I found an area that had artisian wells in the area of snow flake
    I pray you find whom God has for your group

    • Thank you for your response and prayer! I read your post from 2018 and it sounds like we are on the same page. It is hard to find people on the same page, as I am still considered a paranoid, maniacal alarmist. My facebook page was currently investigated and subsequently disabled due to my continuous postings regarding criticizing government’s gross misrepresentation of the Coronavirus (this is my very educated deduction). Bloomberg being one of the worst along with all US popular media. Nevertheless, upon reading your original posting here, I was so impressed with your approach, and as far as bylaws, it is as simple as the early church directions that will keep the group whole. I am in Sun City, and am providing for, and setting up protection for my parents who are in their 70s and 80s, as they are sitting ducks here. I am finding it difficult to acquire firearms now although I have a perfect background record including honorable discharge from the Marines. I am almost sure it is because of the same reason my facebook page was disabled – continuous biblical scripture along with facts about governments lies to its peoples. Having said that, I am on a very limited budget, yet even without firearms I can make this property safe by tactics that little armies used to outwit powerful armies. It is possible to have perhaps one armed individual appearing to be several strong by inexpensive methods. I noticed how thorough you are in your planning and preparations, yet noticed not a lot was talked about regarding security. Perhaps you intended that, yet if you do not have security at every angle on your large property which sounds like there is a lot of cover for the enemy, you may loose everything you have worked for. It is not a stretch to realize that large gangs will gather and possibly find you through the use of drones. Anyway, I am happy to direct some excellent videos from former war personnel who can show you what to do to thoroughly protect yourself and your family, simply and inexpensive. I should let you know that I believe I am on a government watch list, so if you want to communicate, it should be carefully tread upon. If you look on YouTube, look for videos regarding home perimeter defense etc. Peace to you, Randy.