Oct 222020

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Hi! My name is jordan

im sort of a prepper in Phoenix Az.

i started prepping  on and off on short notice due to some disturbing dreams I’ve had about a huge metal skeleton hovering over Arizona, as well as Dana coverstones dreams. I do believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he is coming soon!


I’m mostly either want to travel overseas or live and work with like minded Christian prepper communities before The possible Emp and suitcase Nuke attacks hit our soil in november/ December -April.

is there any Genuine Christian Prepper communities That can help me survive what’s coming?

  2 Responses to “Christian prepper in AZ looking to live with community for food etc”

  1. God Bless u- wish we had one going—I’m a Christian in KY. some of our youtubes about Christ and culture and a dream I had etc. are at kata billups videos–Fondly, your sister kata

  2. Send us a message and start a conversation. We are located near Tucson, AZ.