Oct 132020

We are a blended Christian family of 6 in the north end of Colorado Springs. We are looking for a group to join or others who’d like to join us. We are prepared for long term shelter in place. We are also prepared to bug out. We are looking to buy property in the near future. Are there any like minded groups we can join or people that would like to join us?

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  1. Beautiful area you live in now. We lived in denver for a while…..glad not to be there anymore. Keep looking and mingling with like minded folks. Homeschool organizations are one source I have run into to find independent thinking folks.

  2. I feel just like you. I believe Martial Law will be in January because Trump wont give up, so in order to stay in power, he will call for martial law. I l ive in Florida, I been fixing my home to sale but with all these permits and stuff takes long time. Anyone will know what will happen once it hits I mean martial law. They want to force the vaccine and rfid chip in us, which is the mark of the beast. I am looking myself to go and advise in what to do anyone [email protected]

  3. Are you still looking? Our group is in North COS.