Mar 312020

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Looking for like-minded Christians interested in setting up

a safe haven (arc of safety) preferably in BC or Alberta.

The LORD will tell us exactly where He wants us to be.

After 2023, there will be many disastrous events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

… and it appears that the safest locations will be in certain mountainous areas.

If you are interested … please write for more information.

[email protected]m

Sincerely in the LORD, Doug


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  2 Responses to “Christian safe haven in BC or Alberta”

  1. Hey Doug, Just wondering about your project status.
    Thanks, Peter

  2. Hi, we are moving back to BC in the spring. Maybe, may not retiring, we’ll see. Would like to connect with like minded ppl in the Clearwater area. Freedom cells is a great concept, easily done with the right group of like minded thinkers. We don’t have land that being said we are willing to assist, build, plant do what needs to be done to create a future that allows us to thrive not just survive.
    Please contact if you want more info or would just like to connect and discuss options,
    Thanks, Kati