Aug 022016

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Hi, my group and I purchased a property in pikes national Forest in 2013. We spent the last three years gathering supplies setting up basic farming, livestock, fencing, water supplies, filtration, greenhouses, cabins, solar and much much more. We love it here.

However due to family illness we have to move. The vast majority of our group have become family and have decided to move with us.

I’m hoping to find someone here who is looking for a defensible and discreet bug out that already has a lot of work and supplies laid in. My other option is to try and sell things piecemeal and turn the property back into a publicly marketable mountain home. We’d much rather find folks looking for a prep/bug out.

If you have interest or questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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  1. Our group has land in PP area also. We may be interested in more. Please send me details. Acreage, buildings and improvements, asking price. [email protected]

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