Apr 112018

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Hey there. I’m new here ,just joined yesterday.
I live in Colorado and am interested in forming a “community” one day soon.
I am hoping to find rational people here that,like me, am fully awake and cognitively able to read the “tea leaves” of our times.
Nice meeting you all

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  1. good to see all hope is not lost for us Colorado folks, I am over in the Colorado Springs area best of luck on your venture.

  2. Hi,

    We are currently down close to Durango. Our intent is to establish a community property perhaps in Utah, don’t know for sure, build it out and bring on singles and couples serious about community life in a remote off grid area. The search for land has already begun. Now in western Utah, we are inquiring.

    If you are serious about being in search, write back please. No personal information at this time. Please let us be friends on line first by telling us what your dreams are.


    • I know someone with 20 acres in san luis area who is interested in creating a network of communities…

  3. I just joined today. I live in the Denver Metro, but I have 16 acres in the mountains. I need help getting started becouse I don’t have a lot of money. So I need help learning all the tricks and skills I can.

  4. Hey all,
    Like rayhw1 said, good to see Colorado having some people interested in post event life. The way I read this thread, group outside Denver, Durango >> Western Utah, and Colorado Springs. I have landed outside Grand Junction up on the Mesa. Promoting ideas and cross pollinating thoughts on the future and how to prepare (while continuing to live) would only help us all. What are the basics, (1) Shelter, (2) water… constant source, (3) food…immediate needs, then transition to sustainable source and (4) Security…the best is to be unknown.


    • Hey, guys,
      Jump on the associated prepper forum (automatic registration this time) or use the PM system to exchange emails or specific ideas for this one.
      The main site is kept just for contacts and training opportunities to keep it streamlined.


  5. I know someone with 20 acres in san luis area who is interested in creating a network of communities…

  6. I’m up in Northern Colorado, anyone up here?

    • Hello, I know your post is old but I just found this site. We are in Ft Collins. Have you had any luck finding like-minded? We are seeking ..

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