May 242020

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I am looking for information from a prepper group  as to what to look for in the Wenatchee area as to how the local government is . I have a travel trailer and 2trucks , looking for some where to park the trailer . Don’t want to go in blind , looking to relocate , to look for property to buy .  . Can fill in more information.thank you

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  1. Hi there, I used to live in Yakima…..I moved to montana. Check out the resources on this site and the prepper forum atatched to it.

  2. Thank you for the information, will be doing my research this weekend while I sit here at home .
    Anyone else still have any information I welcome what you have . Thinking about the okanogan area as research on the book by Joel Skoulsen .

  3. – I lived and worked construction out of the Wenatchee area for over 25 years. Its a nice place but is getting crowded and liberal.
    – Real nice places all around Wen both north south and east. West of Wen is nice too, but mix of tourist and higher property values.
    – NE of Wen, & W of town of Orondo is town of Waterville. Nice place for a homestead if that’s what you’re looking for.
    Good Luck. ~ F.T.