Aug 052019

I am looking for like-minded Preppers I intend on creating a small community on my farm it’s not perfect but it has a lot of things that you would need in a situation like what we could expect in the very short future there ARe Springs three Wells one of them is Artesian in nature I have a very rare in ground Greenhouse over a thousand square feet I have farm animals I have an orchard and Berry trees please contact me if you have any interest thank you

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  1. What is your vision for this community? I’m interested in hearing more, and what type of people might be a good fit with your vision.

    Additionally, just to note that placing information about your location/property may be a security risk especially given the site owner’s mentions of scammers who visit this website.

  2. Thank you for your comments I would prefer spiritual people that believe in higher power also it would be nice we had people with gardening skills. skinning and processing animals people that had weapons and knew how to use them and you can use your own imagination for whatever else will be handy like somebody that had medical skills here again I know this is not going to be easy and this might not even work but I feel confident that we are headed towards a place in life on Earth where things are going to get increasingly hard and I’m not saying for people to live out there at this time there would be opportunities for people to build bug out off-grid tiny homes well insulated course on my property I would like to of course have meetings to get to know people everyone should be aware who is interested in joining this group

  3. Hi guys, I am currently transitioning out of the military and will be moving back to north Georgia. Looking to mainly to meet like-minded people. Please feel free to hit me up. Bsanders923 at icloud. Take care.

  4. Hey, I’m moving back home from Kansa. And I am trying to find people I can put myself around like minded. I am willing to learn and able to teach in the fields I’m proficient in. Feel free to message me with any questions or what ever you need to know. Have a blessed Day.