Aug 182021

Looking for a group to join or like minded individuals.

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  1. Looking for a group of people that have a strong will to servive. save our freedom. This is crazy ,would have never belived would live in such a time. This was thrust on us all. were forced to do a 10 year task in a year or less. Have been doing a-lot of prepping. Have a-lot of good skills. Cooking camping,fishing,garding. Wholistic healing, Some high voltage expeance, some heavy equitment experance.
    Old ways of food sorage. were an older couple with good work ethics. looking for the same. Not sure what is ment by like minded. Think were all looking for a possiable way to servive. That makes us close to like minded. Viet-nam vet and jack of a-lot of trades lady. Have 2 homes were selling and Rv we can bring.

  2. Hello awake,

    Live north of DFW. Interested in the same. Reply here if interested and we can discuss.