Oct 182018

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Hello! I am from the Denton area and I am interested in starting, or joining a group.

I unfortunately do not have a homestead or bugout, but I do have necessary supplies incase of a catastrophe. My teammates must have their own bugout/homestead, and be willing to share their place with other teammates.

In return, teammates will share valuable supplies with the group, share any skills they have, and be willing to defend the group as a family.

I will not arrive empty handed, and will most certainly have items to help all of us. I need others with the same mindset to reach out to me soon. [email protected] is where I reply back instantly.

I will contact informed Preppers so we can create a group with many knowledgeable people.

If somebody has a group, which relates to the description I gave, and preferably are Christians then reach out to me soon. I am young, but have knowledge to help in case of an emergency.

Furthermore, if anyone is interested in starting a group, has their own homestead, copy my email and reach out to me as soon as possible.

[email protected]

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  1. I’m a few months late on this and the group I’m giving info on may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s at least a starting point. There’s a group that meets in Carrollton called PrepperNet – Dallas/Fort Worth. They have some great topics for the meetings – everything from canning/food prep, weapons/ammo classes, medical options and essential oils, faraday cages, communications (they did some ham radio classes last year) and they have a communications equipment webinar coming up in a couple of weeks.. When I initially joined the group I was a single mom living in Mesquite so it was a bit challenging trying to get to meetings in Carrollton, but my kids are grown now and I’m moving to Addison in a couple of weeks so I’ll be making as many meetings as i can. If you’re interested, you can google PrepperNet Dallas, or go to meetup.com and search for PrepperNet. Like I said…maybe not exactly the kind of group you’re looking for but maybe a good starting point if you haven’t found anything else yet. Best of luck!!!

  2. is this still active

  3. I have a small group starting up. Bug out place is 45 min NW of Denton. My email is [email protected]