Aug 142021

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Looking to join with preppers already established and living in Northern Lower Michigan. I am currently living in Southeastern Michigan but have most of my food and preps in a storage unit in Otsego County and desiring to move up there when the SHTF. Been up there numerous times in 2021 alone. Contact me at [email protected] if interested in me joining with you in Northern Michigan. I am an honorably discharged U.S. Navy Vet 82-88. Single, excellent health. Looking to join forces with people up in Northern Michigan to survive what is coming, very apocalyptic. Time may be getting very short, contact me if interested.

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  1. Hi…presque isle County here…
    There are lots of preppers in the area and surrounding counties. Have you tried joining fb groups like Michigan preppers? You would be able to find others there. Let me know if you want to chat…

  2. Yes lets chat. Michigan preppers? [email protected].

  3. Ok got it. Was in Otsego County on 9/11/21 (7th trip since April), continuing to prepare.

  4. He guys, SEMI prepped as well. What the Michigan preppers? I’m looking for property up north as well.