Dec 012020

Located in Nashua, NH. Have a spare bedroom for a likeminded Prepper when it is time to bug-out from where you are. However, eventually we too may need to bug-out from here in southern NH to a more northern destination should the times become unsustainable. We have prepped to be self-sustaining in bug-out SUV travel, food, water, mobile shelter, heating & lighting fuel, and electronic citizens-band (Ham) communication. Reaching out to likeminded preppers to meet and greet.

  3 Responses to “Devinci3207”

  1. Good luck with your searching. I just bought more CB radio resources, not so much to communicate but to monitor truckers and others. This might be a early warning of things starting to go bad in the citys if the truckers start talking about not going certain places.

  2. Great point Ryder. Hadn’t thought of that angle.

  3. I’m in your area, Devinci3207. Likeminded prepper. You responded to my earlier post. I’m new here. How can I reach you privately?