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Im new here but long time prepper. Prior USMC, currently working in surgery with grad degree. Heavy into aquaponics, pulling the trigger on 75 acres within 6 months. Im hoping to find other individuals that can bring to the table substance and knowledge. Im well versed in Faraday. My wife, two kids and i attend a Baptist church every sunday and most Wednesdays. God is key, but we are expected to do our part as opposed to depending on the govt.

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  1. I am in the Fort Worth area. I’ve been doing prepper related stuff for as long as I can remember. My specialties are organic gardening, canning, and all things food storage related. I am also a seamstress.

    We are on 2 acres of county land bordering both Keller and Fort Worth. I have successfully planted winter grain here a few years back. We kept chickens, until the predators ate them all……, and are currently hosting two beehives. (my husband’s family were beekeepers and he helped with the bees many summers).

    I have studied and planned aquaponics, but haven’t been able to put it in. I also have a background in homeschooling, though I had to give that up this year, as I went back to school

    We’re panning to upgrade to a larger place, after I finish my Master’s Degree, and my oldest graduates from High School.

    • I see that this was sent 3 years ago. My wife and I live in the west area of Flower Mound and decided to start looking to connect with others that share values and similar concerns regarding survival and preparation. My biggest concern is preparing for an EMP event with a prolonged power outage and loss of electronics. I have been working on various skills for several yrs, however there is much to gain by finding the right people and sharing skills and resources. Do you mind sharing a little about you guys and what you are looking for.

      • Yes, im still active and making progress in many ways. Im well aware of the tragedy an emp would cause but im focused moreso on the federal Reserve’s billions of printing on a dail basis since September 16th. There will be a financial collapse, but this “repo….quantative easing” has prolonged our time to prepare.

        • I would like to more about your concern regarding the printing of money. I have’nt been paying attention other than the Federal Reserve has been keeping the rate relatively low. It sounds like I should pay attention. Can you give my an overview of your concern and what you think should be done to prepare?

          • We have been printing between o3 billion and 104 billion everyday and giving the interest to nanks who already made bad decisions. 2.4 trillion already since sept 16 when they began the “repo” market, …repurchase options. The federal Reserve is NOT government entity, but rather a group of the 12 largest banks in America. The federal treasury is a government entity and has to print whatever the 12 banks say. They think a trickle down effect will help you and me??? Why not give it to us and hope for a TRICKLE UP effect??

          • Sorry about typos…. this financial great depression will be worse than 1929 because we are connected world wide whereas we werent 91 years ago. This will start with inflation until some black swan sets the stock market into a downward dive. Prepare with land….self sustainability. Yes, i know thats EXPENSIVE, But if you cant afford land, get a place to go outside the city and stard buying gold coins or silver . Stop putting money from your paycheck into a falsely elevated 401k plan. Stop buying starsucks coffee, stop watching ball games, start training.

    • Barbsgarb, Are you still connected to this network. Curious about the future prospects of the bees. I have heard they are at risk.

  2. honey keeps forever! You sound interesting and educated to boot. My wife is a school teacher. Id be very interested in meeting and seeing if we are on the same political wavelength. Im in south Arlington. Maybe we could meet in between and grab a bite to eat and talk. Would you be interested. Id be alone (not with wife and kids at first) but your husband/family are welcome to come too.

  3. Sorry, been down for a week with bronchitis.

    I’d love to meet up. Something in the Bedford/Hurst region would be approximately half-way. I’m usually available M-W evenings, though I have a concert Tuesday this week.

  4. Do you have info on how land will be handled if you do not have the deed out right when SHTF? I would assume, since land will be so valuable that if you owe anything and can no longer pay anymore that the deed holder would start reposession. It would seem that you would want to have possession of the deed. Wonder how that would play out with homes?

    • I do have deed to my land. If i didn’t, i would NOT put improvements on land until its payed for. The other option is buy gold and silver now while its extremely undervalued and buy land with that once banks begin repossessing land. 4 silver dollar coins will buy land after Venezuelas collapse

      • Makes good sense. Can you tell me a little about your beliefs/perspectives?

        • Im a christian (currentlt,attending baptist), father, and husband. Prior USMC, currently in radiology. I work in flower mound but live on Arlington. Tell me about your bbeliefs?

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