Apr 202021

Disable FLoC 1.0.0

The Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) is Google’s latest tactic for tracking users across the web. This tracking works even if you have cookies disabled! They say the data is anonymous and safe, but, we’ve heard it all before. The only safe way for Google to handle user data is for Google to not handle that data in the first place. The plugin installed on our site sets an HTTP header that disables FLoC tracking on here, giving PrepperGroups.com visitors added privacy on the web.

:question: Why is this important?

Disabling FLoC is not a method to preserve our own privacy; it’s a method for enhancing the privacy of our site visitors. This plugin sets a header that prevents Google from tossing people into bins of interests (cohorts) such that they can be granularly (and even egregiously) targeted with who-knows-what (products, propaganda, etc) later. As history has shown, even anonymized data isn’t ever actually anonymous – and Google shouldn’t have this data.