Jun 152022

Hey there I am new to Florida. Looking to meet up with other like-minded people to go through it together when shtf.

My hubby and myself are almost 50. We have a 9yo daughter.

I had already prepped a lot of stuff once but had to leave most of it behind in the move.

I dreamt about 2 weeks to start a garden so I am starting a garden (lol) and trying to connect with other preppers while there is still time.

I believe that the only way I will get through this is with others and my faith in God. I am not equipped mentally, physically, or spiritually to handle what is to come but I know a man who can.

We are not judgmental and would like to work with others regardless of their faith or lack of faith. I tend to prefer to be around other non-judgmental people and easy going people.

We are a peaceful family and wish to join others who are like-minded in that regard.

Love you all and sending hugs to everyone who is anxious for the life storms that are about to come our way soon. xx


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  1. What area of Florida are you looking for? We are getting something in south Florida going.

  2. Cool. We are located in highlands county. I believe Tampa has a few groups. Not sure if Highlands is too far for you. They always say stay close to home.

  3. Thanks Snowburnt85 for reaching out
    Appreciate it ?

  4. Hey there,

    I’m located in Pasco county and I collaborate with several folks in Tampa Bay area. What are your favorite topic areas of preparedness?

    • Hi, I’m in Pasco too, just outside of Zhills. I’d like to chat to see if collaboration is possible.

    • Hey there! I am trying to learn about water purification and other survival skills such as setting primitive traps. I believe that homesteading may be good for a short while but wilderness survival is going to be needed, including building underground shelters and such. I’ve been watching some videos on these techniques.

      We are mobile in a rv so I’m not sure where we will end up but I’d love to have a group to connect with and possibly set up a small community with.

      God bless.

  5. Hey,
    I’m in east Pasco, but would like to sell and do a proper homestead up towards Citrus, Marion, Levy, etc… I have many prepper skill sets, but am convinced the only way any of us survive is for the likeminded to help one another. I have another couple interested and we’ve just started looking. I don’t know how much time we have left before SHTF, but given Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled more and more everyday, I don’t believe it’s long. I think it’s good that like-minded people connect now. Please reach out if you’d like to chat.

    • Hi SunState,

      Yes things are starting to progress pretty quickly indeed and I believe it will hit the fan very soon also. Something major will happen before midterms. God is for us though, so I always keep that in perspective πŸ™‚

    • Hey Sunstateprep,

      We have several people interested in meeting up on the weekend of July 30th/31st. Are you available and interested in participating?

  6. Any of you guys on telegram?

  7. Hello, for now (as I want to get out of the city) I live by the Skyway Bridge in Pinellas. Single, female. 50s. German Shepherds. Well prepped. Also looking to connect with like-minded (those that believe in SHTF is imminent).

  8. Just found a new channel to follow. I’m very selective and I certainly don’t typically promote anyone each to their own of what they like to watch but I just watch this and it’s brilliant because it’s based on facts not the usual talk… https://youtu.be/iEIobCnGuNo

  9. Any meet ups happening? We are in Sumter county in the woods, looking for a few good folks to meet up with. Been prepping for years, lookin for good down to earth. folks that may need a place to escape to when it all goes south. you must be prepared to put in the effort to make a MAG work, Have preps for you and yours, be ready and able to learn. What we do not do is run around the woods with guns, but we will train you in their use. We do have a vetting process to weed out the wanna bees and posers. If you feel you are interested send an email. [email protected].