Aug 052016

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We are blessed to live on our East Texas 50+ acre homestead full-time, to spend every day molding and shaping it’s potential into reality. As a family, we have decided that we would like to offer the opportunity for certain folks to become a part of our community. We have discussed a few potential options and welcome ideas, because every situation is different. The benefits of a full-time homestead without the massive down payment, 30yr mortgage, 3+hour daily commute and 60hr farm work week. In addition, we offer the opportunity to build camaraderie, to develop and enhance our sustainability skill-set…to become a community BEFORE an event. This won’t be for everyone – It will require background checks, initial public meetings, time and financial investments.
Mister is a former Marine, law enforcement officer and firearms instructor with 25+yrs of experience. Missus is an IT Professional by day, and homestead supermom by night. A high school senior and fourth grader are cheerful farm hands. Extended family includes Army Ranger and Trauma Nurse. Dogs, barn kitty, chickens, ducks…there are always animals! We are a typical Christian family that loves to laugh, hike, watch movies, etc. We work very hard, and we try to play just as hard! We also ensure our family and our farm are prepared for any eventuality. You can email us [email protected] or visit that site for more info.

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  1. Sounds great what you have going over there. I believe most people will not come together like that until things get really bad for them ,Then they will try to find others that have been preparing and expect them to pull them out of a bad situation that has come down on them. I prepare myself has much has I can, If things do go sour . At least I will have the knowledge to share with others. I tried to get the people that are around me to work toward a life outside the big towns and cities They have the means to be self sufficient But not the vision. I Pray That it works out for you all and that ya’ll keep God almighty within your reach .

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