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I live in Cedar Rapids and am looking to either join or start a group of local like minded people that not only want to exchange skills, but will get plans in motion to survive after collapse as a group. I tried organizing an event through Facebook before, but a lot of people tend to lack motivation just to show up for a meet and greet.

I don’t know what disaster might knock out our grid, but I believe there are two likely outcomes that follow any major disaster.  First is civil unrest…  We got jack wagons right now that can’t behave themselves and start riots just because they don’t like someone, or because they got their little feelings hurt.  No one ever sat around singing cumbaya after a disaster, and from the looks of it we wont even need a disaster to start it. People can be worse then the worst animals out their when it comes to their survival. And going from the most entitled country to the 3rd world will only make it a nightmare.  Second is Marshal Law provided there is a government remaining to implement it. At the rate they’re burning through our hard earned cash to prep their own bunkers, buy their bullets, and hoard their MRE’s… I’m willing to bet they will be.

I prep material things on a budget, but I believe the best prep is knowledge and training. Some people think they will just store up a bunch of supplies, take a few pot shots at some marauders from their couch while drinking their stockpile beer and live happily ever after…. unacceptable. If you’re not the hardest group out there, you’re not the Alpha, and if you’re not the alpha you wont survive when the Alpha group decides you got what they want.  Safety is in numbers, planning, training, and knowledge… everything else is just missions.

I have studied wilderness survival since 2001 some of which was with the Navajo Indians, urban survival/combat, a little into asymmetric fighting, helped train troops, and protected dignitaries in a combat zone. I was an Infantry man and armorer and served in the Army for 6 years, I’ve done security all together for about 5 years, and that includes some time in disaster areas. I have lived and worked on farms, and with the Amish learning organic agriculture. I studied engineering principles that help me understand how to turn junk into something that works. I have tried to study every useful skill from how to pick locks to building batteries.  Still…. all this means nothing without having others to watch your 6, pull security so you can sleep, or help build a community back up.  I am interested in continuing to learn, and help develop plans to survive this, not just ride things out, and im looking for other people who want the same thing.

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  1. I’d at least like to talk to ya message. Trade ideas and feel things out first like get to know one another.

  2. Sounds good… What messenger do you want to use? (im not on FB… they had too many security issues so I stopped using it.)

  3. Hello Awasis, I also live in CR. I do believe in and can relate to many of the things you stated in your post. If you are still checking this we should set up an online meeting. I am not online alot so please be understanding if I dont get back to you right away. By the way I like your name. (I looked up the meanings)….Stay safe, stay awakened

  4. Sounds good… Im not on much either. I am usually super busy but I would be good with an online meeting. There is always the PM system through this page too, which I have tried and works well enough as any.

  5. Hello Awasis, just joined and still figuring out the website. Stumbled across it searching for like minded people/groups in my area. Anyhow, I use to live in C.R. and now live in central Iowa and am interested in talking with like minded people as well.

    • There doesnt seem to be a lot of people from Iowa here, so welcome. I was wanting to start or join a group, but many people in my area are either not into prepping or a very select few. Most of those are all talk when it comes to forming a actual group, coming up with a plan, and training. Have you found many people in your area?

      • Not really, I know a few people that are pretty concerned and do some light prepping but that’s it. Aside from chatting with you I’ve had no luck with anyone online. I do have an old friend who still lives in C.R. that is a pretty serious prepper but on a tight budget and limited space. Have tried to keep in contact after I moved on a semi yearly bases but have been pretty busy last few years so don’t hear from him as much as I would like.

        I talk to a lot of people and find a great many of them are very concerned about the future but do little to prepare for anything. Even the Goverment recommends having at least some found in hand but most i talk with have almost nothing.

        It sounds like we see things fairly similarly. As for myself, I’m a Christian, I work for a big construction company hauling both large and small equipment and I’m in my late 30’s. I really started to wake up and educate myself to what’s going on in the world about fifteen years ago. No military/LEO experience. Been shooting off and on since around 18 I’m decent shot but nothing special, had a few set backs. Been prepping for years and started in the last couple years to learn some bushcraft skills through books, YouTube, etc but have a LONG ways to go. I try to stay in decent shape as I think that is pretty important. I’ve started a couple years ago to learn some gunithing and be be able to do some maintaince/repair to my firearms, though long ways from a gunsmith. And a year and a half ago I bought a M1009 CUCV and have been teaching myself to work on it, never worked on cars really before. I’m a fairly quick learner, capable and like to work with my hands and like to acquire new skills and hate paying someone else to do things if I can do for myself. Whatever limited skills I have are mostly self taught.

        A few years ago was really trying to find other like minded people but mostly given up until recently. In hard times there is saftey in numbers if your around people you can trust.

        • Aint that how it goes. Most of my friends just tell me “if something happens we’re coming to your house.” I want to help them on one hand, but on the other, they have just as much of a chance to be ready as I do so them seeing me as a hand out in the event of collapse is no good (in addition to all the info that I work hard to feed them).

          I am also a christian (Pentecostal/apostolic), and in my mid 30’s. I did 6 years in the Army as an infantryman, deployed to Iraq, had some Triple Canopy training, a few years as an armed guard, and was an armorer for about a year and a half. I also spent some time in New Mexico with the Navajo (most of whom have not forgotten the old ways). Now I run a maintenance contractor business (although I have just started it) and hopefully it will allow me some more prepping capital. I have been prepping and studying wilderness survival since about 2000.

          I think this country has about had it, and its odd with everything going on that more haven’t woken up to the reality of it all. I don’t know about you, but I am watching the election closely. Not the candidates but all the background noise.

          I think a prepping group is an important part of prepping, second only to having a plan along with contingencies. Next comes training and knowledge, lastly being the actual material prep. We have no idea what to specifically stock up for because we only have a glimpse of what is yet to come. A lot of people prep for a specific event but that’s setting yourself up for failure. Imagine prepping for a volcano and what you get is actually a flood that wipes out your prep. I think, however, that there are two sure things you can prep for in the aftermath of about any event. Civil unrest, and possibly martial law.

          I know many preppers are secretive about what they have or plan so I don’t ask questions, especially here. Im not trying to come off as rude, but I think in the prepping world its considered respectful, but that’s just what I have seen. But im open to discussion completely, and im not too secretive. Even though I don’t ask questions I am very open to other ideas and skills, knowing that I don’t know it all, and I also don’t think I will ever have a prep where I can say “i got enough.”

  6. Im pretty careful to what personal info I share and use to try really hard to wake people up. And once clear I was an informed person it wouldnt take long to get labeled a prepper, even if you didn’t really share that info with them. And Yeah I’ve heard the old “if things get bad I’m coming to your house”, and that began to really annoy me quick (especially if stated around people I didn’t really know) so I usually responded sharply with, “for what, a bullet?” I didn’t really mean it but as you said it would be VERY difficult to help those who chose not to listen. I would never turn away a child but adults I helped would be a case by case bases and mostly those who I thought would be a benifit as my resources are very limited.

    We live in a world where our access to all information is limitless and at our finger tips anywhere we go, 24/7. That is unheard of in the history of our country and world. Yet as a people we couldn’t hardly be less informed and engaged…. very sad. The average person could tell you everything about their favorite team or show but nothing about their Goverment or what’s going on. Oddly though as I occasionally talk with random people in passing (anymore I try an avoid politics/coutries problems discussions but they tend to bring them up if chatting long) and I’ve noticed people all seem like they know things aren’t good and that we’re heading in a bad direction. Though they are generally confused past that. It’s just clear most people are poorly informed and it’s by choice.

    I am a strong conservative and love my country deeply and would NEVER join the type of people on the extreme right (or left) who push for violence and insurrection against our Goverment. But I do think very difficult times are coming, probably far worse then we could possibly imagine. And I think it is smart to prepare as much as one can in all ways possible.

    I think a small to medium sized group is important. I think to big you would starve and to small you could starve as well and could easily be over run by those who want what you got. I was working hard towards starting a small group type setup some years back. It fell apart eventually because I put to much trust in the one person.

    I would really like to continue our discussion, do you have an email address or something? I understand if you don’t want to put it on here for all to see.

  7. Checked it but nothing there. I don’t know what the issue is. What’s your email, I can try contacting you?

  8. Just returned to site recently. We are two who live in North Central Iowa and and interested in looking to interact with like minded folks and perhaps develop a network and/or a group. We are pretty devoted preppers and christians. If your serios about a network or group,reply and we will get back to you. Thanks.

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