Oct 282021

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Hello, For the last decade, I have homesteaded on my organic farm between Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am interested in talking to serious preppers who would be interested in seasonal or permanent intentional community here.

Would you rather bug out? There is a special opportunity to try out your skills. Shoot me an email.

Farm is a paradise of meadows, 15 acres hardwood forest. Soil is excellent. I raise cattle, sheep, poultry. I log/ farm with draft animals. Permaculture gardens, homestead orchard and food forest. I have a huge farm kitchen well-designed for food preservation, cheese, fermentation etc.

Currently, I have established community working for a few hours, months and taking home organic foods. However, I wish to expand that to folks living on farm during the full growing season in 2022 who are interested in mutually growing/ putting down food for ourselves and fostering the preparedness of this farm. This is the next step toward establishing a small, permanent intentional community. I believe the best aspect of preparation is a strong, united community sharing skills, knowledge, assets and abilities.

The right candidates share similar values, good self-awareness/ social skills and able to do the physical work of food production and enjoy working together towards self-sufficiency. Must demonstrate history of prepping skills. They would need to supply their sleeping accommodation such as a yurt, a 10′ X 10′ cabin or a shepherd’s hut. (I’d help build.) Tents have successfully been used as well. Main house is central community area.

Particularly interested in folks with carpentry skills, Schutzhund/ Ring/IPO training, hunting, community building. Skills can be traded for food, land use.

Consider community preppers: I come with references from folks who have stayed at the farm for 3-6 months at a time. Most return and stay in touch. Best wishes for your own prepping.

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  1. Hello I am very interested. Would like to get in contact, what is the email address?

  2. Hey there,

    I’m interested and can share more details via WhatsApp or email?

  3. Good evening. My partner and I are moving to the Ottawa area in the fall and I am looking for new allies I the region. This post caught my attention and I thought I’d say hi. I’m interested in finding out more about your offer. I hope to hear from you and be well. Mike

  4. Near Peterborough? Jack of all trades, sustainable construction, green thumbs and bush savvy to boot…..

  5. Good afternoon, I am very much interested in what you have to offer.
    A bit of history of my experiences are as follows:
    Own a construction company and have worked in the field my whole life. (I am 50 however take good care of myself both spiritually and physically)
    I have also had the up bringing in the country on a farm, being taught from age to to be self sufficient. (again my whole life)
    I can hunt with bow and arrow, any gun, I know how to clean hang and cut up game.
    I fish and can easily make one from the woods.
    I know how to garden, indoor and outdoor.
    Can do plumbing, carpentry, electrical etc..
    I was born and raised to be a survivalist.
    I am very spiritual, mohawk teachings, I have been taught to make my own clothes,witch a well, sew, etc.. rely on nature to survive pretty much. Medicines available naturally. Highly suggest Chaga in these times. A mushroom that grows on the birth tree. I can make a fire in even the dampened conditions, milk a cow etc..
    I feel I could be a benefit to you and I would be doing the same if I still had my property. I had 3 wells drilled, secret room and beyond supplies for prepping. Unfortunately I was frauded out of my properties. Even had a second location.
    That being said, I have everything to survive and would love the opportunity to join your community
    Feel free to reach out to me at
    I also am certified in Reiki, mindfulness, trauma and qigong.

    [email protected]
    Thanks in advance

  6. Hello I am a Christian prepper, survivalist for the last 10 years. Naturopath, general contractor, mechanic, welder, I’m looking for other like-minded people to connect with.. anybody that reads this post if you feel led please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    God Bless!

  7. Hello,
    I am currently in Whitby, On. My wife and I are looking to move to the Ottawa area in the near (within 1-2 year) future. We are looking for a home with a couple acres so that we can have more land with well, propane supplied, greenhouse, chickens etc. etc.

    I began prepping a few years ago and am currently at the point where I have a decent food stock, some small generators, solar setup etc. So far nothign crazy but I plan to continue stocking up on supplies.

    I feel that supplies are not my main concern but instead knowing people in my area so that I would have a community if SHTF. It is pretty obvious that security would be the most difficult part of any scenario and even though I am relatively well stocked in terms of ‘security’ items, it is meaningless without a group of people to rely on. I am interested in purchasing ham radios and if anyone else here would like to join me shoot me an email.

    [email protected]

    I am curious if anyone else views these scenarios in the same way? I eventually would like to get some NVGs and proper equipment but again unless there is a community to join it doesnt really matter how much supplies we have.