Jul 092020


I belong to a group based in the Phoenix valley with a retreat NE in the high desert area.

We are recruiting for new members who are serious about having a place to go to and thrive if and when things turn shitty.

There is a vetting process followed by a buy-in. (this covers some of the cost of on-sight projects completed)

Most of the group has been together for over 5 years and know how hard it is form and keep a group together, we have been there.

Because of what is happening with the world’s economy due to the Wuhan Flu we require one year of food per person and a means to live at the location with in a determined amount of time.

As I said we request serious preppers/homesteaders only, we are not a militia though weapons and ammo are also required.

Feel free to contact me at

Best regards

  11 Responses to “Established Group Recruiting For New Members For High Desert Location”

  1. Hey BJ Phroman, been reading your posts. Still looking for support?

    • Greetings Rag1
      Yes we are still looking for new members to join our group
      Feel free to call and I can go over more details regarding the vetting process
      Best regards

  2. Hi BJ, I just called and left a message requesting a call back- my name is Connie and seek a location for myself, my daughter and grandson (12 years).

    Thanks in advance for giving me a ring back—

  3. Good Evening, Recently purchase several acres in cochise county and am interested in a group in my area. I’m close to Portal AZ. Thanks

    • Greetings Greg, we are not close to your new area and I have not heard of anyone prepping in your area although I am sure there are as that part of the country is a great place to go for survival.
      We are located more center east AZ.

      Act fast and get ready, some in my group have been together for 8 years and still learning, we have more to do and time is running out.


    • Hi Gregwv,

      We are located in Portal too and looking to network with other preppers. We’ve been here 9 months and are growing lots of food. Have you found anymore preppers? Would love to connect.

  4. Hi…Interested in finding out more about your set up. Currently in MI, but looking to move back to AZ…Use to live there 20 years ago. Lots of friends n fam in the state but they all live in high risk areas I don’t want to move to. I have been online checking out northern AZ …can’t believe how much things have changed in 20 years. I have a former LE background, Have taught emergency preparedness class last 12 years. Grew up in the lifestyle so well versed on what’s going on and what’s coming. Let me know a good time to chat.

    • I really have to apologize bamabell, I just ran across your post tonight and not sure how I missed it.
      Feel free to call me tomorrow or when you have time.

      Looking forward to talking with you


  5. What’s the buy in look like? I’m broke, but would consider myself an asset to any group. my post is at https://www.preppergroups.com/scavenger-looking-for-a-group-in-northern-arizona/