Apr 042020


I belong to a group based in the Phoenix valley with a retreat NE in the high desert area.

We are recruiting for new members who are serious about having a place to go to and thrive if and when things turn shitty.

There is a vetting process followed by a buy-in. (this covers some of the cost of on-sight projects completed)

Most of the group has been together for over 5 years and know how hard it is form and keep a group together, we have been there.

Because of what is happening with the world’s economy due to the Wuhan Flu we require one year of food per person and a means to live at the location with in a determined amount of time.

As I said we request serious preppers/homesteaders only, we are not a militia though weapons and ammo are also required.

Feel free to contact me at

Best regards

  5 Responses to “Established Group Recruiting For New Members For High Desert Location”

  1. Hey BJ Phroman, been reading your posts. Still looking for support?

    • Greetings Rag1
      Yes we are still looking for new members to join our group
      Feel free to call and I can go over more details regarding the vetting process
      Best regards

  2. Hi BJ, I just called and left a message requesting a call back- my name is Connie and seek a location for myself, my daughter and grandson (12 years).

    Thanks in advance for giving me a ring back—