Dec 052017

Well I have posted here several times…and still looking for the right people.  See several previous “Maine” posts before you reply please, as there is a lot of info that I don’t plan to rewrite.  We live 1 mile down a dirt road and have only one neighbor family that is very like minded.  I have one house that I can rent and another house is for sale.  No one else down here.  Surrounded by miles of forest.  And we have 10 acres cleared for farming.  While this is not a farm area, I do still have to get the acres that are cleared planted with hay/grain and get use to it.  I’d love to be in a farm area, but then again ALL larger farms are right on the road. So I guess we are more of a tactical farm in the woods.  3-5 years after a collapse we could always travel 1 hour away to a farmy area when it is safer to be there.