Dec 122016

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WE are a family of 3 and are fairly new to all of this, located in Northern idaho and looking for a smaller group of like minded people. Not necessarily religious but people that have morals and know what the right thing is.  Looking for some people to communicate with as to what their plans are and see if they coincide with my own.


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  1. Good to hear from you. We have a group in your area, if you’re interested our email is [email protected]

  2. Hi. My wife and I live in the Athol/Spirit Lake area. Been prepping awhile. Don’t belong to a group. Just normal people trying to survive.


    [email protected] (dot) com

    • Are you looking to grow as a group for training, networking, etc? Were all looking to survive but I would like to thrive if possible

      • We would like to find other like minded folks out there. We are trying to be self reliant. Have the cabin in the woods, solar power, etc. Working on running water. We lived like this in Arkansas for several years.
        However, we aren’t looking for religious zealots or mall ninjas. I am a man nurse by trade. My wife takes care of the herd of Chihuahuas.
        We are 39 and 49, decent health. Live frugally.
        Anyway, we hope that if this sounds interesting, you will keep in touch.