Nov 152020

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Hello, I have created a discord server to help people connect with other groups nearest to them. This is set up for the entire state of Missouri which is broken down into 5 sectors. NW-KC, NE-STL, Central-LOZ, SW-SPR, SE… We just started so hang in there if you cannot find a group just yet as I am adding lots of people/groups day by day. Also, We will probably add a sector for NW Arkansas if needed and OK. These groups will be run by whoever the group leader is. I am just providing the space for people to search/connect with MAGS in their area, I don’t actually run these groups. I am in process of building a website as well to go along with the discord server. We are heading into a dark winter and there is not much time left to get your preps ready and make connections with like-minded preppers in your area so do not hesitate to join. link to the server here, also these links expire every so ofter so you can email me for the link if it is expired [email protected] G M A I L

  2 Responses to “Find a MAG(Mutual Assistance Group) in Missouri”

  1. Hi, I would like to meet like-minded folks to talk and get to know one another. Enjoy camping, hiking with a great respect for nature and honest folks with positive energy. We live in St. Charles County, MO about 1 hour west of St. Louis, MO. Hope to hear from you

  2. I’m from Missouri, looking for a group. I’m 18 with military training. I have a large family, I am the oldest child. Grew up shooting, country guy through and through. Looking for like minded individuals for what is to come.