Mar 122017

Hello we are seeking like-minded groups or communities in Northwest Arkansas. Self-sustainable Off the Grid is ideal. We are visiting the Arkansas Ozarks in one week (3-18-17). We are seeking an open-minded, non judgemental, peaceful, loving group of people to grow with while making the Ozarks our new home and way of life.
About Us….
Female couple. 30 and 38 (and our son of 9yrs old). One is a professional barber and one is practicing massage therapy and reiki energy healing. Both aspire to become life coaches in the area and offer support and guidance with Mind Body and Spirit. Our dream is to create a Mind Body Spirit Ranch by using nature, animals, such as Horses and paradigm shift in order to teach and share with others how to be self-sustainable and care for yourself in the most loving way. We are ready for the next phase of our life to be spent in the Ozark Mountains in a self sustainable community. We have many skills and ideas for the future we would love to share with you! If anyone is interested or knows of a community that is taking in new residents please respond by email to
Twinflame678 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thank you in advance! Peace:)

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  1. Yes,i like to know more,i am retired 66 years old traveling in my 5 wheel located now at Beavers bend,Oklahoma checking the area out for survival,i have been listening to a lot about the coming event soon pole shift and passing of planet x,so i decided to come up here look around as i been up in Oklahoma and Arkansas a lot over the years
    camping in state parks!I like to here more what you are looking for,i am divorced single, good condition christian baptist,retired from working at school district teaching and driving a school bus, i am retired from law enforcement in Texas,and Banking ,i am a mechanic incline person,security minded ex military as well clean cut good , i am divorced single work hard i raised my own food in a 1/2 garden, i been a Boy Scout master,and brought up in the country!like to hear more,i going to be staying here in Beavers Bend area until first May,then maybe into Arkansas,so i like hear more and if interested contact me by email or 903-780-6323