Mar 062021

Our area now has a new prepper group that started 4 March 21.

We have objectives such as 2 broad fields of discussion and development: health care and machinery ranging from batteries to windmills.

Quarantine restrictions governing, we initiated a visit to a well established prepper group.

Already volunteered to help state’s vaccination program.

At meeting, distributed mental health awareness publication.

We are governed by the FEMA doctrine “Prepare for realistic, worst case scenerios”.

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  5 Responses to “For eastern Virginia readers!”

  1. good morning KHI. hope you had a great weekend nice here Good rain this morning water my few plants(food).

  2. Good morning Keeb,
    Well received.

    Here OK. In recoup stage of COVID shot I so no forestry / Bay environment for now.
    After shot 2, will ask you if we can arrange to attend one of those Lynchburg prepper meetings/events.

    Speaking of food plants, just reglanced through my books on aquatic/marine edible plants. Eel grass as a topping on our drone-delivered pizza will do wonders for our survival.

    Even with all the Hades-type of county, Commonwealth and national news, just got my first email reminder to prep for hurricane season !

    Take care.
    ~ Bob

  3. good morning.Apr 19.
    Glad you got 1st shot, second one is NOT people friendly Lots have bad doing good.Need dates for L-brg. in advance. lots going on. had a great camp out Pocahontas C.G. no ticks 1 from my own yard.
    as for Country going wacco-milwalkee + soon might get destroyed from nutty people.
    New prepper on Richmond Looking for similar (roy) e-mail him. & see .
    take care.

  4. Good morning Keeb,
    Glad to hear good time at Pocahontas CG.
    I do remember you mentioning 2nd shot not user friendly and also remembered Henrico motor vehicle tax amount. Both got my attention.
    Good news re new prepper Roy’s interest. Any bio info provided ?
    Some high-energy / anti-stress foods ready for after shot 2.

    Be safe with prudence and situational awareness at max levels especially with national scene going wacky.
    ~ Bob

  5. Just posted on this site a Preppers’ event just outside Richmond for June 23-25. Email to [email protected] for more details.