Jun 062016

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I’m looking to start or join a prepper group in or very near Fort Wayne, Indiana. I bring knowledge of backup power systems, 12 volt battery backup systems, solar panels and rechargeable batteries NiMh/Li-ion. I also have experience in gardening, blacksmithing, ultra-lite backpacking, wilderness living skills, wild edibles, fishing, hunting and firearms. I am serious about starting a group. email me at [email protected]

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  1. Your email did not work.
    Are you new at prepping?
    Do you already belong to a group?

    near Muncie IN

  2. I live north of Ft W. I have food store bulging at the seams. I can and preserve foods. I also sew as well as other crafts. I own a 22 and a good shot although I have never shot a living thing. I grew up on a farm and good with animals. I would like to learn more self defense and Bushcraft. I am single and realize I should be in a group.

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