Feb 082020

Looking to communicate with like minded people.

seeking to put together a group of talented professionals with different talents and skills.

Security in numbers.

I am starting to gather the essentials but would be easier if a group of us had different items to store.

Hope to find some like minded people.


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  1. Hi Danny,

    I am a Spirit-filled Christian who has been listening to Lois Voegel-Sharp
    … re: the necessity of building safe havens to be protected by the LORD
    for a few years while He pours out His wrath and while we wait to be raptured!

    I live in B.C., so naturally I prefer to be involved with like-minded believers in B.C.
    Those of us who will be involved NEED to hear from the LORD
    as to exactly where He would have us build our arc of safety.
    There are plenty of mountains here in B.C. for Him to choose from. lol

    BTW, according to Bo Polny, Christians have until late 2023
    to build safe havens and have them stocked with provisions! No lol

    I have included the 2 links above so you can spiritually discern
    whether you believe the information from these 2 Christians, or not.
    Please allow the Holy Spirit to guide you!

    Sincerely in the LORD,