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All I am asking…

From my future partners and community is: A minimum commitment of just two items:

  1. Commit to storing 6 months of long-term food in storage on our ranch for each member of your family or your group. People simply cannot just show up be part pf the team if you have not made this minimum investment.
  2. The desire to have a place to bug out to or retreat to, and be part of a like-minded team, without – the need to actually invest in anything should the times require such actions.

I actually thought that people may actually want a place to bug out or retreat to from the cities if it ever became necessary.

I am not looking for you to move on to my ranch tomorrow and make a permanent home and wait for the worst to arrive. I simply want my ranch to be your insurance policy should the worst ever come to us. I really don’t even need to see you unless it’s necessary to retreat to the ranch. No monthly meetings, no fees, no training!

My concern is: I cannot keep what I have built from those who will no doubt want to take what I’ve built without the support of a motivated team who also has some skin in the game. In my opinion, most people in the city won’t have a chance unless they have a rural, isolated place that is well stocked they can escape to and this is an expensive thing to prepare for. Yet its already built and well stocked. In my opinion there must be people that will view this plan as one where we can help each other.

I work overseas on rotation as a pilot supporting our troops. I invest in the ranch, I work on it when I’m home and I’m doing what I can to attract like-minded people.

In my opinion, the ability to feed your people is key, without food there is no need for people to defend anything, in fact without food it’s time to go looking for food. We have many luxuries here that many groups will never have, and it is a nice place.


As a member of  The Ranch, you can bring your family to camp on the farm for a weekend, use our gym, our golf course, our shooting range and our wood fired pizza oven. Perhaps you may even help out on a building project, or work in our greenhouse or gardens. One of our current projects is restoring an 1865 log building. Its slotted to be our new Bourbon barn. We are also building some wood fired hot tubs. I think it’s important for your family to physically and personally see their retreat so it’s not a fearful of an unknown place should you ever need to come to The Ranch in a bad situation.

There are many things that make The Ranch and our program unique, we are one of the only groups that will be able to maintain “Air superiority” over our neck of the woods. The ability of awareness of your local and, distant surroundings is a good thing.

The Ranch manager is a former marine, if such thing exists, this young man in his late 20’s and very knowledgeable small arms instructor. When I’m working overseas as a pilot, he’s always here to answer questions, conduct a tour and discuss with you who we are. He will also assure you that we will ever ask you to invest in the ranch or give us your money!

I am trying to stress, this isn’t about money, keep your money, we are selling nothing. No spaces in a bunker here like other commercial ventures trying to make a million off peoples fears. We are looking for likeminded members with the means to make a commitment and buy their own food – PERIOD.


The Ranch is about building a team where we all are prepared collectively. We each have an effective insurance policy in place to retreat to should the worst that may happen. The Ranch is your well thought out plan to protect your family without it costing you anything really. I say without costing you anything because I don’t view you buying and storing food for your own family as me asking you for something.


I find it interesting, even those people that are open to the idea of an insurance plan to prepare for the worst will read up on it, will talk about it with their family and friends but – at the end of the day will do nothing about it. Even though the voice in their head is telling them that they should have a backup plan to bug out some where safe would be a good idea in the best interest of their family.


There are so many questions that you may want to ask yourself when the lights go out or worse is, what will I do? where will I go? Should the cities ever lose control, have you done everything in your power to assure the safety of yourself and your family? – I hope you have. I know I am trying to and, I am trying to help others too.



I have had many people contact me over the years with an interest in being part of The Ranch. People that have excellent skill sets. But please understand that I cannot feed 50 people on my own regardless of your amazing skill set. If you cannot supply the food required for your family as outlined in this post, I am not interested in hearing from you. Everyone must contribute the minimum.

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  1. My group can meet your requirements and have a wide variety of skills to share, including a nurse and paramedic. We have just over 20 people including some small children. What we don’t have is a secure BOL to go to when things get hairy. But before we can even begin to discuss what each of us has to offer we need to look at locations and our ability to reach your ranch quickly and safely when the collapse happens. We’re located in northeast IL (not Chicago) and your description covers a number of states. So, as an example, say your ranch is in the UP of Michigan, us reaching you would be extremely difficult and dangerous no matter which direction around Lake Michigan we took. So if you like what little I’ve said so far, how about sending me some more information at [email protected] and I’ll then discuss it with my people.

  2. Hi there, could you give a rough idea of the ranch location?

    I’m in my early 40s, been prepping for almost 12 years, have lots of experience with dog training, backpacking, firearms, wild edibles and gardening, some experience with beekeeping, chickens and martial arts (hapkido)and I’m learning blacksmithing.
    I’ve got my HAM license and Wilderness First Aid training.
    Most importantly I’m physically and mentally fit, a creative thinker, hard worker and easy to get along with.

    I’ve collected enough stuff (guns, ammo, supplies, 1.5 years of food) …and I’m learning important skills, now it’s time to find a community.

    Please let me know how we can work out a meet and greet.

    [email protected]

  3. Good Morning,

    My family is located in CNY and we are having a difficult time finding anyone or any groups in our area that understand what lies ahead of all of us. We have been prepped for a few years, meet your requirements and are interested in knowing more about the ranch.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  4. I would say my family is in the very beginning stages of prepping, but in experience we have alot to offer. My husband is a mechanic and I am a USMC veteran who was raised on a farm and currently have several different farm animals for self sustaining our livelihood including livestock guarding and herding dogs. We are looking to be able to hold up fort at our own Homestead, but if SHTF we would be interested in a community to join with our small children and animals to avoid our assests and those most precious to us falling prey to those who would try to do harm. While we are in the infant stages of prep we do plan to continue growing our home through animals to breed for meat and milk as well as our garden. We also have plans for a wind power for electricity. I understand that not everyone is interested in monthly meetings, but a nice easy way to keep an open channel to touch base and ask questions would be an invaluable resource. Even when things go wrong and you can take care of yourself we believe you also need a community to fall back on.

    • Hello PrepFarm19
      Im DoneRightPrepper1 I was looking at some of my comments on here and check out some of the others. I want to start off by saying thank you for your service. My son is a SGT. in the USMC before he opt. out\ retired. Im a contractor here in Indpls area and also we have been prepping for a couple years now, for what ever is coming. An Im trying to put something together with not only my family but others as well. I

      thank for your time

  5. Just received a VA loan and have thoughts of moving to the Ozark area-so that is on the table. But maybe my loan can be used there , I’m no pushover. I’m a Vietnam era Vet that served in the 3/2 Armored Calvary Regiment-Dragoons-oldest and most decorated Calvary Unit in the US Army. We were the border guards during the cold war. The Fulda Gap on the Check border. I have weapons, solar generator, food, water filters, ammo, all buried. So if I can help, please contact me at 5-two-zero-3-seven-3-nine-5-eight-9. Thanks

  6. Good Evening,
    My family and I are looking for a community of people who are prepared for SHTF. I have a wife and son. I have been preparing for years stockpiling food, ammo and medical supplies. I realized I can’t do it alone. No matter how much I store and save, someone will come take it. I live in Southern Indiana. So a retreat would have to be less than 50 miles. If you could, please email me or comment back information about which state your ranch will be located. You can email me at [email protected].

  7. Greetings, I would be interested in learning more about what you don’t seem to be selling lol. Strength in numbers is age old truth, and we wish to be with a like minded group. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected],com

  8. Hi there!
    Sounds promising! We are an interested family of 8(all adults). Two quick questions:
    1) Where is the rough location of the ranch?
    2) Do you want us to bring the food, store it there, or pay for it?

  9. If You are in Missouri I would be interested.

  10. Interested…Currently traveling in MO. Travel Trailer Prepper looking to get out of Cali.
    Please contact me to get more info, location… I’m in state til the end of May, then I head back to Cali to load up. mikefendt @ gmail.com

  11. We can meet the requirements quite easily. However, please forgive me if I have a few questions concerning the generous, normally very expensive, opportunity you are offering to complete strangers. What is the community limit of individuals you plan to allow to participate in The Ranch? What is the leadership structure, as well as what are the moral and ethical philosophies going to be once the pilgrimage has been made by those you have chosen to participate in your survival plan offer? What establishes the moral compass of The Ranch? How will the borders of The Ranch be enforced in a grid-down scenario? Who establishes the threshold of what constitutes the 6 month level of supply of food per person? Is there a designated supplier that must be used to obtain the required 6 month supply of food? If so, what is the cost of the minimum 6 month supply of food per person to take advantage of the offer of the free bug out location, The Ranch? Who supplies the security for the supplies that individuals which are accepted into the community and then designate The Ranch as their bug out location, while they are not physically present? What do those services cost? Who replenishes your 6 month supply of food (and additional preps) per person in the off chance that they mysteriously disappear while you are not there to secure them and therefore, they are not available for you when you need it during a bug out situation after the SHTF and there are no resources available once you arrive at The Ranch from a few hundred miles away? Please don’t get me wrong, It sounds amazing! I mean a bug out location with a wood fired pizza oven and a golf course, now that is what I call going through a WROL and SHTF scenario the way it should be. I can carry one of my AR’s right next to the 5 iron in my GHB and a warm slice of wood fired pizza after a quick nine before dark. Cocktails anyone? So, please let me know about the small print involved because I, for one, am definitely interested and we already have over 2 yrs of prepped resources per family member, so to segregate 6 months of 30 yr shelf life food, water, water purification systems, firearms and ammo for each member of my family would be easily accomplished from a local cache that we could relocate. We could just rent a moving truck and transfer that segment of our current resources to The Ranch and that way we’ll have a new tertiary prong to our current, primary and secondary location plans in the event they are depleted or compromised. But, prior to making a decision, we’d need to come have a look at The Ranch, meet its community leaders and review its programs and security pretty closely because that amount of life-giving, as well as life-saving, resources is a pretty significant and expensive risk to be committed without some sort of guarantee it would all be present, intact and functional once we arrive down range in our effort to survive; and what a huge Debbie Downer it would be if we finally made it through a world gone to complete hell, only to realize that our resources had all been pilfered and used for the good of the community in our absence from The Ranch (James Wesley, Rawles). I’m seriously interested, but very cautious. Please forgive the apprehension to your self-less offer, but it is atypical to what I have witnessed the “American Mindset” erode too with my own eyes.

  12. Sounds too good to be true! Am a USAF Vietnam vet, crew chief on SAR aircraft. Good with weapons, good mechanic, Excellent self motivator and loyal unto death. Very interested in your ranch and you. Contact me by email pls.

  13. Good evening,

    I am intrigued by your offer (Depending on location and worldview of the current members of the team). I concur with “vetprepper” on the concerns and items he raised.

    The requirements you mentioned are very limited and easily attained. No worries regarding food storage.

    Who am I?

    I am a born-again Christian/two-service combat veteran (between 35 and 45 years of age) with a background in mobile communications (essentially HAM radio) and Information Systems/Reconnaissance (cyber). Physically fit (Extended scale PFT in the Army). Been deployed multiple times and have a growing family. We currently have our own retreat but are looking for “switched-on” folks like yourself to hopefully square away plan b, if plan a is compromised and possibly find that elusive tribe/MAG.

    I am currently working toward becoming a “master gardener” and noticed the need at your retreat.

    I can be reached at [email protected]

    Stay in the fight & 73,


    – INAFIAS –

    “It’s Not About Feelings, It’s About Standards!” – Drill Sergeant Steele

  14. Addendum…

    We are in the right location, geographically speaking (around HNF).



  15. Are there any preppers in the Westfield Indiana area or close to it?

  16. Invitation still open?