Aug 082020

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WCS Disaster Preparedness Seminar

This is a FREE 6+ Hour Seminar that covers “How to Prepare and Be Ready to Survive any WCS Man-Made and Natural Disasters here in the 4-Corners Region”

Is your Patriotic/Conservative family ready for an Economic Collapse, Food Shortages, Major Disasters, Terrorist Attacks, etc?  This free seminar is for Businesses, Clubs, Congregations, Family Groups or Organizations who want to get prepared for any upcoming disaster.

This 6+ hour seminar includes a Power Point presentation in the Tri-City areas of Aztec, Bloomfield or Farmington, NM.  See the below list of the topics covered.

– Introduction
– What is a Disaster?
– Kinds of Disasters
– Types of Man-Made Disasters
– Types of Natural Disasters
– Disasters that can occur in the 4 Corners Region________________ 1 hour lunch break
– What is Survival & Survivalism?
– What does it take to Survive?
– What are the 7 Enemies of Survival?
– What are the 7 Survival Priorities?
– Setting up a Family Disaster Survival Plan
– Utilities — Electric, Gas & Water
– When disaster strikes / Life after a Disaster.
– Questions to Ask Yourself?
– Disaster Kits & Supplies for:
– Sheltering in Place — Food, Cooking, Water, Clothing, Lighting, Communication, Power, Medical kits, Home Defense & Survival Groups ___________ 10 minute break
– NBC / EMP & Dust Protection
– Bugging Out
– What are the 10 Essentials to have?
– Survival Vehicle / Survival Transportation
– Bug Out Survival Retreat
– Survival Sanitation
– Survival Chores / Classes
– Returning Home
– Disaster Finances
– Barter / Wampum Items
– Caches & Hides
– Safety during and after a Disaster
– Pets
– Dealing with Stress after a Disaster
– Helping Children cope with a Disaster
– Morale, Recreation and Welfare
– Recommended Reading
– Disaster Entertainment
– Disaster Education & Training
– Handout Review
– Words of Wisdom
– Questions & Answer

Additional power point presentations available that cover “Survival Health, Hygiene & Sanitation”, “Introduction to Disaster First Aid” and “Survival Priorities & Essentials”.

  6 Responses to “Free WCS Disaster Preparedness Seminar available for folks in the 4 Corners Region”

  1. Sounds very interesting so far Scouter
    What is the date and time?


    • phrogphixer

      Sorry for not getting back sooner, I was outa state. I don’t have any schedule for these seminars. My last class I schedule only two folks showed up. Any group can host a seminar and get with me to set a date, hopefully with 2 or 3 dozen folks. The seminar has over 500 power point slides. If you know of a group interested in hosting a class, let me know so we can talk.

  2. No response in over 5 days, well ok then.

    • I kind of wondered when there was no website as well as no contact info in the post re where, the DATE(S) the training is available, start time, RSVP needed or walk-ins welcome, is lunch provided or self-handled (and ideally fine print somewhere telling folks if there are nearby options or if they need to bring a lunch for worktable or tailgate picnics), how do I sign up, etc.

      And then it didn’t pop on a google search for the title.
      If it’s an individual providing a service for “you” to arrange for your group, vs a one-off or quarterly thing more akin to a convention, the lack of website/POC is even more stark.

      That said, some people keep their prepper email separate and only check it from certain public locations, so they only check it once a week, and it’s the high-swing garden season some places, heavy irrigation season some places, and vacation season, so some additional delays can occur.

      Check your spam in case they hit your email, and I’ll try to remember to double-check that they didn’t reply to the “do not reply – auto-mail” notification for a comment.

      (Although, I also kind of think it’s a VERY ambitious amount of info to cover inside 6 hours, but some of it may be “supplementary info can be found here” note ‘n move on; and I kind of question fitting that much info in between lunch and then only a 10-minute break, and only 2 breaks total — one of them the one-hour lunch — for a 6-hour training day, but my background includes training and education that has to account for bodily functions and part of the facility checklist is “how close are your bathrooms and how many do they accommodate at once” for riot/sked-control re break periods. I wasn’t going to poke those aspects, but since the lack of POC/additional info came up, they’re things other users may want to consider if/when they plan and post other training options.)

      Hope you eventually get a reply!

  3. Do I have a 6 hour video of this?