Oct 072020

Greetings and salutations. I recently move to the Freeburg Illinois area and am looking to find like minded people. I have been in to preparedness for several years. As of now im riding solo but that is an unrealistic thing to continue to do so i need to find a group or try to start one. thanks you

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  1. We’re located in northern (lower peninsula) of Michigan but we have member families from Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. You might also find that our situation is worth the drive.

    • tell me more about the illinois part. im still looking for a MAG

      • We have a family from the Chicago area. It’s about a 6 hour drive from there to our retreat site.

        • 6 hours from Chicago to your retreat site? that is a long drive. that is not a realistic thing for me as i am in st clair county.

          • Understood.

            But you made that decision without even knowing what we have to offer. The others coming from Illinois, Ohio and Indiana obviously thought it was worth the drive. Either we have a great deal to offer or they are all morons.

            A short drive to a retreat and group that has little to offer is also problematic.

          • Maybe I misunderstood you. I am in st clair county near st louis. You have a retreat location that is 6 hours from Chicago driving? In which direction? I am definitely interested in knowing more. Can you tell me close to what county your retreat is in? OPSEC I know. Depending on the scenario a 6 hour drive is a 6 or more day walk. Please don’t think im trying to be rude just realistic based on my location. thank you