Aug 212016

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Hello everyone I am from the Savannah, Ga area and I am looking for someone to help me learn more about prepping and living off grid as I plan on becoming a homesteader eventually.

I’m being as honest as I can be here and sorry if I’m not as advanced as some would like but I truly believe that I am a prepper/homesteader.

I have been hoping to come across others in my area to hopefully start a prepper group where we would get together and help one another on the things we need help with. Whether its helping with land prep, building, what have you. I want to learn as much as possible so when I am able to move off grid myself, I will have the skills necessary to do so.
I am willing to help others as much as possible with anything you may need help on, I just ask for you to teach me what you know and I’ll be more than happy to teach you anything I may know that you don’t!

A little bit about me…..I’m an AVID camper (tent camping is my type of camping), I love cooking on an open fire, I love hunting and fishing, and I’m very convinced that I belong out in the wild, living off the land and working hard to make a life for myself out there that I WILL make it a reality eventually!!

If there is anyone out there in this area, please contact me and lets see what we can do!!

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  1. I would definitely be able to talk. Just message me on my email if you wish to talk and we can discuss details. Unfortunately I can’t go off the grid right now, but in 2020 I should have my plans fully set in.

  2. I am in Central/South Georgia over by I75. I am Grid tied and OffGrid. If the power goes off, my house in comfortable as all essentials work Off Grid. I am grid tied so I can sell the excess to the power company. I have not paid a power bill in a while. I am on the other site home page down in the Georgia section.
    I built my own system.

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