Jun 262022

I live in Iowa. I am seeking to connect with others that are wanting to prepare themselves to survive the chaos erupting in the United States.
I am 55 years old. I have a unique spiritual belief system. I collect wild herbs and flower, as well as roots and bark for nutrition and medicinal purposes. I have been working with infusions extracts and tinctures for a few years now. I know that these things can be the difference between survival and death in the times where you can no longer seek medical attention or go to a pharmacy for medication.
My knowledge of this art is my strongest asset to contribute.
My weakness is the lack of likeminded people to share and exchange ideas with.
I am reaching out in hopes of finding a strong community to connect with.
If interested, please contact me at: [email protected]
Thank you for reading.
In love and light, blessed be

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  1. When you dial 911 and nobody answers. Ashwaganda to tobbacco, it all grows here in rocky mountain montana. As well as dandelion root for trace minerals.
    Also see the original Dr. Christopher, my wifes parents used to bail himn out of jail when he was arrested for practicing without a license.